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Gabriel Soto Scandals and Personal Facts, Explained!



Gabriel Soto

One of the most famous Mexican entertainment actors in recent years, Gabriel Soto has become one of the viewers’ favorite soap opera actors, although he has also generated great controversy after his string of latest scandals. Most people know something about his devastating separation from his wife Geraldine Bazán as they continue with the fights and discussions about the issues of their divorce, something that has affected the careers of both. Then there are additional scandals about his private life, public life, and his popularity! 

Most Googled Gabriel Soto Facts (Including Controversies)

What is Gabriel Soto’s age?

The famous actor is of Mexican nationality, his full name is Gabriel Soto Díaz, he was born in Mexico City on April 17, 1775. 

He is currently 46 years old, with almost half of his life dedicated to acting, participating in all kinds of projects. One of his earlier projects was being runner up at a modeling contest at age 18 in the Mister World contest in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey, and joining a band called Kairo at age 19 replacing Eduardo Verástegui. 

Who is Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend? Who are Gabriel Soto’s children?

Currently, the famous interpreter continues with his relationship with Irina Baeva and even a few weeks ago she revealed herself how she conquered Gabriel Soto and even the rumors of a wedding are getting stronger and stronger. 

So far, the only wife known to Gabriel Soto is Geraldine Bazán, whom he met in 2007 and with whom he had two daughters, although due to infidelity they ended up separating, and even the actress revealed if she has already overcome the infidelity of her ex-husband. 

Likewise, he is known other couples such as Martha Julia, whom he met in the recordings of ‘The ways of love’ in 2002, also Fernánda López, who is currently the wife of actor Alexis Ayala, and although it was rumored that he had an affair with Marjorie de Sousa, this was never confirmed. 

The soap opera actor has two daughters, Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, both with his ex-wife Geraldine Bazán, who are currently 12 and 7 years old, and even the actor constantly brags about his daughter as a boxer as she is a fan of this sport. On the other hand, Gabriel Soto could increase the number of his children with his current partner Irina Baeva, with whom he has already been for several years and as we mentioned earlier, they could get married very soon. 

Why did Gabriel Soto betray Geraldine Bazán when they were a couple? 

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán’s relationship has not improved since their separation. Did the actor really betray her? Let’s look at their history. The love between Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto began in 2007 when they both recorded together with the telenovela Bajo la reiendas del amor. They quickly became one of the audience’s favorite couples.

Although together they went through quite difficult times, they managed to keep the relationship stable and share moments of pure joy. As a result of this incredible love, their children Elissa Marie and Alexa Miranda were born. For ten years and with a separation in between, Soto and Bazán starred in a great love story. However, that romance began to fade and at the end of 2017, they announced their separation.

The separation became the protagonist of a controversy when the actor confirmed his romance with Irina Baeva, an actress with whom he shared a cast. Since then, much has been said about possible infidelity and betrayal on the part of Gabriel. Unlike other divorced couples, the actor and Geraldine Bazán did not manage to end on good terms. Although the interpreter tries to maintain good communication with his ex-wife, the actress does not forgive him for his affair with Irina. According to her, Gabriel was in a relationship with the young Russian when they were still married. But she also revealed that she had a platonic love affair, not with her ex-husband. Since she released this information, many people began to wonder if Gabriel Soto betrayed her for this reason. 

This controversial information came to light during the Montse y Joe program, where Geraldine Bazán was a guest and was encouraged to answer some quite spicy questions. Without fear of what they will say, the actress revealed that her “crush” was a famous Mexican actor. The audience thought he was talking about Soto. To everyone’s surprise, the actress was referring to Héctor Soberón. By revealing the name, the actress explained why Soberón was her crush. When he was young, the actress worked alongside him on the soap opera My Little Traviesa and was fascinated when she saw him. And although he was her crush for a long time, he confirmed that he is now a friend. 

After revealing that her platonic love was never Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazán revealed the characteristics that her ideal man should have: a grown man, and emotional intelligence.

What was the Gabriel Soto video scandal?

Gabriel Soto went viral on Twitter after an intimate video of the actor leaked. Although in the images, only a few seconds long, the face of the man who appears naked in front of the camera is not appreciated, the users of the social network identified him by his tattoos

Before being eliminated by the account that released the material, the clip achieved thousands of “likes”, and triggered infinite memes. The actor acknowledged that he is the one who appears in the video on his Instagram account. 

This was one of many chapters in a history of controversy that has not stopped growing since the actor divorced Geraldine Bazán in 2017.

The actor, who is constantly in the eye of the hurricane for various controversies, was invited to the Unicable’s Members on Air program, where he referred to the sex clip as he had never done before.

Surrounded by some friends and with many jokes, Soto defended his right to be recorded in his privacy, but classified the act of dissemination as a crime on social networks in December of last year. He stressed that this video was recorded a long time ago and he had even forgotten when he did it, but he hinted that they already have some suspects in their sights.

Was his sexy video leaked out of revenge?

In December, social networks collapsed due to the virtualization of an intimate video of Gabriel Soto, who accepted ownership of the material and assured that the dissemination was an act of revenge.

Turning a little more serious, the hosts of Unicable’s Members on Air program asked him about his feelings after the video was broadcast and what he thinks of these erotic materials.

“Yes, it does affect the violation of your privacy. I have two daughters, I had to talk to them, mainly to the older one, not with the little one. Because if it is ugly, it affects you, it embarrasses you, it is hard to look at your father, it is difficult psychologically and emotionally speaking, ”he said. 

The actor assured that it was not a mistake to record the said audiovisual clip, but the action of broadcasting was different. 

“It is not bad to record oneself, so why is it bad? It’s my privacy and I can do whatever I want, I can record myself however I want. The crime is who leaked it and who filtered this type of video and spread it”.

While the actor filed a complaint about whoever is responsible for the leak of this video and awaits the conclusion of the case, the situation provoked an infinite number of reactions, but those of Irina Baeva and Geraldine Bazán stood out as possible people in charge of publishing it.

Soto’s girlfriend Irina Baeva came to her boyfriend’s defense and assured that the most affected by this are the daughters that the actor had with Geraldine Bazán.

Geraldine Bazán, his wife, also described the broadcast as “quite shameful for him and extremely shameful for my daughters.”

She also denied that she was responsible for leaking a video of this type: “Absolutely a lie. That I do want to clarify, at no time, never, of my relationship did I receive a video like that, ” she said. 

“What you do in your privacy is not bad, and what I am going to say is stupid and in a different parameter, but everyone goes to the bathroom, everyone does it and it is not a crime, but it is not good that they leak the videos start to go viral and spread, “Soto added.

Soto also stressed that this intimate video was recorded a long time ago, but that did not extinguish the scandal, so he had to endure all the controversy that was generated around him.

What was the Gabriel Soto covid wedding scandal?

In the last three years, the protagonist of Las vías del Amor has been jumping from one controversy to another. He sparked Twitter outrage after attending a mass wedding in Cancun in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On November 20, the Mexican actor took a flight to the jewel of the Mexican Caribbean along with his girlfriend, Irina Baeva, to attend the spectacular wedding of Michel Escalle and Odalis Gómez Millar. The bride was the daughter of the renowned boxing promoter Pepe Gómez.

On Instagram videos celebrating the bride and groom’s wedding, it can be seen that during the reception most of the guests did not wear face masks for long periods of time, and the preferred social distance was not respected.

The wedding took place in a chapel which was attended by dozens of people. And a banquet was held in style after the ceremony, with a large stage where the guests danced to the rhythm of Mexican musicians or the sound of samba such as Lorenzo Méndez.

In the photographs, the actor and his girlfriend posed without masks – which received a storm of criticism for their irresponsibility. Upon returning to Mexico City, they defended themselves, but their words caused even more anger.

“Well yeah, we went to a wedding but there have been weddings all the time. There are many folks who have gotten wed. The bride was the daughter of a very important boxing promoter. All security protocols were carried out. There was a sanitation booth outside, where each of the guests had to pass as a measure of security, ”said the famous couple. 

What was the Gabriel Soto covid quarantine scandal?

The protagonist of Soltero con hijas aka Single with Daughters between 2019 and 2020 had already been involved in a controversy for breaking the quarantine, and traveling to Acapulco, when the pandemic had already peaked globally! 

Despite the fact that the actor spoke on numerous occasions about the importance of staying home, he still went to the beach on occasion and was even photographed by a magazine in which he appeared with Irina Baeva in a shopping plaza and in a restaurant. Gabriel Soto defended himself again after reactions from the media came pouring in. In a talk with journalist Lucho Borrego, from the Suelta la Sopa program, the actor said that the accusations had been unfair. 

“He tells me that he is one of the most careful people and on that specific day he had a problem with his cell phone to communicate with his daughters, ”Borrego said.

As defended by the famous, he was forced to leave the hotel to repair the phone. “I stepped out to do what I had to do and returned home. It’s unfair, ”Soto said.


Stranger Things’ Argyle: Everyone’s Favourite Californian Stoner Dude




Stranger Things’ Argyle

Argyle is a fan favourite TV character who was introduced in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He plays the lovable hippie/stoner/surfer kid from California who is always chilled out in life. Argyle comes into the life of Eleven, Jonathan Byers, and Will Byers after they move to Lenora, California after the events of season 3 of Stranger Things. Let’s find out more about him.

Stranger Things’ Argyle: What’s Up With Our Dude?

Who is Argyle?

Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco) is a student at Lenora Hills High School, where Eleven, Will, and Jonathan now attend in Lenora Hills, California.

How important is Argyle to the plot of Stranger Things?

Just being a likable character isn’t enough for fans to embrace every newly introduced cast member. As long as the new character doesn’t add anything to the story or the plot, the likability wears out and people stop caring about that character. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Argyle in Stranger Things.

Argyle becomes best friends with Jonathan Byers and provides him with the advice he needs, helping him relax into his stoner mentality. He works as a pizza delivery boy for Surfer Boy Pizza. When US Army soldiers attack the Byers’ home looking for Eleven, Argyle provides escape transportation for Mike, Will, and Jonathan. He continues to join the children in their own attempt to find Eleven.

During their travels, they seek the help of Dustin’s long-distance girlfriend Suzie in Salt Lake City, and Argyle falls for his older sister, Eden. Argyle is instrumental in the California group’s efforts to aid in the Hawkins group’s plot to defeat Vecna, helping to create a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven at a Surfer Boy Pizza location in Nevada. He then escorts Eleven, Mike, Will, and Jonathan back to Hawkins.

Who portrays Argyle on Stranger Things?

Argyle, one of the protagonists of the fourth season of Stranger Things is of Mexican descent and is portrayed by Eduardo Franco. The American actor (of Mexican descent) has attributed his acting success to the constant parental support that he has received.

Eduardo Franco began his acting career in 2015, when he participated in the Disney series A Gamer’s Guide to Almost Everything.  After that role, he went on to work on other television series, including You’re the Worst,  Lady Dynamite,  and  Tacoma FD. Additionally, he has appeared in the movies The Package,  Booksmart, and Almost Apart, to name a few.   

Eduardo Franco has joined Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas Anderson (Caleb McLaughlin), Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton), Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and David Hopper (David Harbour) for new adventures in the Upside Down. The actor plays Argyle, the pizza delivery man who becomes close to Jonathan after the Byers family moves to California in the wake of Hopper’s supposed death in season three.

Is Eduardo Franco Mexican?

In an interview, Eduardo Franco talked about what it was like trying to make it in Hollywood while growing up in a working-class environment. He said that his parents, a housewife and a businessman, are Mexican. So the actor has Mexican ancestry (he does have American citizenship though).

Has Eduardo Franco’s acting career been difficult?

Eduardo Franco commented that his parents could not support him financially on his trip to Los Angeles, noting that many actors entering Hollywood have the financial stability to do so. “A lot of times they don’t want to explain that, they don’t want to say it in interviews, but they have a whole base under them that they’re sitting on,” he said.

When all you have is, and I mean it, love and support… In other words, receiving a ‘Hey, mijo, I love you. Good luck!’ it’s much more rewarding

Why does Argyle have long hair?

Eduardo Franco also mentioned that his long hair, which is already a characteristic of the actor, stayed that way because his aunt owned a hairdresser’s on the other side of the border with Mexico: it was not always easy to cross from one side to the other, so he let a lot of time go by between haircuts.

For Franco, it is very exciting that Latino people are watching season 4 of Stranger Things and embracing his character. The Latino community is excited by their representation on one of the most popular shows in history via Eduardo Franco’s portrayal of Argyle.

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Julie Chrisley and Tax Evasion: 8 Things You Need To Know




Julie Chrisley

Fraudulent loans, millions hidden from the tax authorities, unpaid debts….Todd and Julie Chrisley, two stars of reality TV in the United States have hit rock bottom. They were found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud, for several million dollars of damage. These two personalities found success in the United States thanks to the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. In hindsight we need to ask if they truly knew best. 

Julie Chrisley: 8 Facts About Her Bank Fraud + Tax Evasion 

1. A $36 million loan, the penalties are heavy: 

A jury found the Chrisleys guilty of falsifying audits, bank statements and their personal finances to secure $36 million in loans. The couple later spent the money on “luxury cars, designer clothes, real estate and travel – and used new fraudulent loans to pay off old ones,” the US attorney’s office press release said. The couple’s accountant, Peter Tarantino, 60, was also found guilty of tax offenses. Followed by three years of probation, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

2. It all began in June of this year:

After being found guilty of fraud and tax evasion in June 2022, Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced Monday, November 21, 2022 in Atlanta. 

Bank Fraud:

The couple was convicted of falsifying documents to take out $30 million in fraudulent bank loans before they even gained notoriety in this program which follows the daily life of a wealthy family.

Also according to prosecutors, Chrisley’s “empire” was built on the backs of defrauded banks that collapsed while Todd Chrisley used the stolen money to travel to Los Angeles for haircuts every two weeks.

Debt wasn’t paid off:

Todd Chrisley, who had made a fortune in real estate, has also not repaid more than 20 million dollars in debt, after going bankrupt in 2012, relays Variety. With his wife, he also allegedly hid millions of dollars from the US tax authorities during the broadcast of the show.

After defrauding banks of tens of millions of dollars, they hid millions of dollars from the taxman, while appearing on TV to brag about how much they spend on designer clothes”, federal prosecutors wrote in their report. 

3. Sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison: 

Stars of the American reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best”, broadcast since 2014, Julie and Todd Chrisley were sentenced respectively to seven and twelve years in prison, on November 21, for fraud and tax evasion.

This Monday, November 21, Todd Chrisley, 54, was sentenced to twelve years in prison for bank fraud and tax evasion, while his wife Julie, 49, was sentenced to seven years for her involvement.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars’ sentencing comes five months after a jury found the couple guilty of tax evasion.

4. The couple reportedly showed no remorse, which increased the penalties: 

While the couple is expected to appeal the judge’s decision, there’s little chance it will change that. “The fact that they did not accept any responsibility, even after being sentenced, is one of the reasons why the judge hammered them repeatedly, and why they were given such heavy sentences. They took no action to mitigate what they had done.”

Reality TV stars known for their show “Chrisley Knows Best”, Todd and Julie Chrisley will probably serve a large part of these prison sentences, estimates a legal expert consulted by People, who indicates that in this area, discounts penalties for good behavior are relatively low in the United States.

5. Todd and Julie Chrisley head to jail in early 2023:

Indicted in 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted of a series of charges in June, and have since been under house arrest at their Nashville estate, pending sentencing. After serving their prison terms, Both were also sentenced to three years of supervised release to be completed according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia. According to the NY Times, the couple will be expected to serve their sentence beginning from early 2023. 

6. What will happen to the kids?

Todd and Julie Chrisley are the parents of Chase, 26, and Savannah, 25 (Todd is also the father of Kyle, 31, and Lindsie, 33, from his previous marriage), but also Grayson, 16 and 10-year-old Chloe, who is now questioning custody while they serve their sentences.

Their sentencing comes a week after their 16-year-old son, Grayson, was involved in a serious car accident in Nashville. He reportedly suffered serious injuries, including a potential head injury, and was taken to hospital after the accident, according to TMZ.

Todd’s daughter, Lindsie, whom he shares with his ex Terry, is supportive of her father despite their previous public conflicts. They’ve all come together to show their support — the past few weeks, for sure, have brought them closer. 

Lindsie is there for both of her parents despite her previous split with Todd because Lindsie wanted her son Jackson, 9, who she shares with ex Will Campbell, to have a relationship with his grandfather “no matter what”. 

7. What will happen to the Chrisley show?

According to TMZ, NBC Universal has decided to cancel the Chrisley show. However, several new episodes were originally scheduled to be broadcast in 2023 so we don’t know what will happen to the show either. 

In the meantime, the couple’s lawyer, Alex Little, told Vanity Fair that his clients were going to appeal their conviction. “Their trial was marred by repeated and SERIOUS errors, including the fact that the government lied to jurors about the couple’s taxes,” he said.

8. Todd Chrisley believes the crimes were not in his control:

The Chrisley family patriarch, who also shares daughter Lindsie, 33, and Kyle, 31, with ex-wife Therese Terry denied the allegations in a lengthy statement, alleging that his and Julie’s former employee Marc Braddockwas trying to get “revenge” on them. 

“He took a bunch of his fake documents to the U.S. Attorney’s office and told them we did all kinds of financial crimes, like tax evasion and bank fraud,” Todd said in 2019. 

“[He] persuaded another group of investigators from the U.S. Attorney’s Office to not only reopen the case, but to grant him immunity from prosecution for his own crimes and bring charges against us”, he added.

After the jury delivered its verdict, the couple’s attorney, Bruce Howard Morris said he was “disappointed” and noted that “an appeal is expected”.

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Who Is Celina Powell? Why Is She Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison?




Celina Powell

The young woman you see in the picture above belongs to a social media influencer and an Instagram model. She is popular for her erratic and scandalous nature which most high-profile celebrities get trapped into. This naughty celebrity is from the hip-hop scene, where she has been embroiled in several controversies involving rappers such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Fetty Wap. Read below to find out more about her and why she is sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

About Celina Powell

Born in Denver, Colorado in the US, Celina’s full name is Celina Rae Powell. She was born on 13th June 1995 and is more popularly known as Black Widow. Her zodiac sign is Gemini which makes her intelligent, overly anxious and inconsistent at times. Since Celina Powell was raised by her aunt, she is much closer to her aunt than her parents, who separated when Celina was a child.

Celina Powell has three siblings; a brother and two sisters. She studied at Wheat Ridge High School, Colorado. Although Celina is an American by birth, she has Puerto Rican ethnicity. Her eyes are brown, her hair thick and she stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Powell looks remarkable due to her thick lips and multiple body tattoos.

Celina Powell’s infamous scandals of all time

Celina is an influencer more popular for making claims about her numerous affairs with high-profile celebrities. She likes to extort money from them by accusing them of getting her pregnant or for unprotected sex-like reasons. One of her allegations against Offset made headlines in 2017 when she accused Offset of impregnating her and paying $50,000 for an abortion. Offset wife Cardi B stepped in and posted screenshots that revealed that Powell was lying about pregnancy.

Celina Powell tried to flirt with Drake as well. She sent him nudes while the rapper responded, “Def never gave u my number,” Drake appears to have written. “I know who u are. I want nooooo parts.” Powell kept on messaging and said, “just wanted you to open my DMs.”

Celina Powell cyberbullied Aaron Carter in 2018

In 2018, Celina exposed that she had an affair with former teen idol Aaron Carter. From the texts that have now been deleted from Aaron’s Twitter account, Celina was warned to bug off.  As part of this messy situation, Celina posted screenshots of her messages on her Twitter account in a similar way to what she did when she was connected to Snoop Dogg. The screenshots that have been erased that revealed how Celina pleaded with Carter and how she “wanted to be with him.”

After the text got leaked, Celina inquired if Aaron broke up with his girlfriend which he ignored at first. Before Powell could reveal more, Carter gave her his phone number in exchange. Aaron claimed that they have consummated their relationship only once in person. The rest was only cyberbullying. He said, “She kept DMing me, eventually I let her come over to my house.”

Why is Celina Powell sentenced to 2 years imprisonment?

Celina Powell is also called a Hip-hop groupie due to allegations made by her every now and then. Colorado Department of Corrections website stated that Celina was sentenced to 2 years custody in the Colorado State Prison for a probation violation that took place in her 2015 theft ring conviction. She allegedly drove the getaway car.

On 1st May 2021, she was arrested and convicted of violating probation. This means, she was tacked with a two years sentence in the Colorado State Prison and will be eligible for parole in December. Powell was arrested in Miami, Florida in March 2021 after Miami Police pulled her over for making an illegal right turn. She was taken into custody at once when the officers found that she was driving a car with a suspended license.

Local police stated that Powell failed to comply with traffic rules and the terms of her probation by missing many alcohol and drug cases among other violations. She was consequently arrested on 1st May after she skipped the court date and sentenced on 12th May in Broomfield County. According to the reports, Powell’s next hearing date is in December while her first parole eligibility is March 24, 2023. At present, she will be at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

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