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How to Add Value to Guest Posts and Find Guest Posting Opportunities?



Guest post is an excellent way through which we gain publicity for our businesses or websites. This form of content writing can also be called a marketing technique as you get an opportunity to establish yourself as a reliable expert in your niche or industry. Your brand gains value while your site gets exposure to the publication’s readers. This is the reason many bloggers look for different guest posting sites where they could write a high-quality article in exchange for backlinks that leads to their own sites. If you are writing a guest post or looking for guest posting opportunities, follow the below-mentioned tips and strategies to add value to your guest post.

How to get guest posting opportunities from good brands and websites?

DailyHawker says, Although bloggers and companies look for sites that accept guest posts, your aim should be to find the right blog rather than making a guest post for random companies. Most of the opportunities will not pay you for a guest post, however, you must still aim at writing good-quality blogs. This is because good-quality work will attract new readers to your website and increase your site rankings in the long run.

For getting good opportunities, you can look for free submission sites which usually accept guest posts by anyone. Comparatively, high authority blogs are different from normal websites and their articles are contributed by content writing teams than individuals. These types of websites will allow you to write a guest post under certain circumstances only such as relevant to their niche or if your website has good traffic. To get a guest posting opportunity, you must look for the following:

Google Advanced Search Operators that find sites for guest posts

One of the oldest and a reliable way to find guest posting opportunity is using Google advanced search operators that never goes out of fashion. Though, there are a few codes that work actually such as ‘guest post’, ‘guest article’ or want to write for’. This is by far the easiest way to find good sites that accept guest posts.

Facebook guest post groups

A selected group on Facebook offers bloggers to share their guest posts on their website. Search whatever niche you seek to write upon, join their community, remain active by following their page and commenting, and ask for guest posting opportunities after a while.

Twitter guest posting opportunity

We know Twitter is an excellent microblogging platform where people irrespective of geographical boundary, religion, caste or creed meet together to form a blog community. They share articles that they like the most and pin them to their page. This technique has indeed made many bloggers gain huge traffic and high rankings due to the pool of diversified readers. Once your page gets liked by the readers, you will get good opportunities to link with other bloggers or websites seeking high-quality guest posts.

Competitor Backlinks

This is yet another unique way to find guest posting opportunities where you can use good tools such as AHREFS or SEMRUSH to look for your top competitors and check their backlink history. You may find backlinks from the guest post opportunities they had in the past. If other websites have accepted your competitor’s guest post, it is feasible that they will accept yours as well. This way to find guest posting opportunities is good as you can quickly replicate your competitors’ efforts and let them do the hard work of finding guest posting opportunities before you.

Online communities

Just like social media sites, there are many online communities that digital marketers use for various purposes. You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit or Slack platforms which allows digital marketers to make their own community. You may ask or allow others to write guest posts on your website in exchange for writing a guest post on their site. You will also need to contribute to the discussions and participate in sharing the resources of others. When people will start trusting you, they will help you find new opportunities.

How to add value to guest posts?

Find websites with similar audiences

Apart from looking for reputed websites, you must search for publications that target the same kind of audience as your website do. By doing so, you will not have to promote your business or write about a completely different topic. When you find a like-minded publication, just focus on creating a nice pitch with a good topic that can add value to their readers.

Guest posting does not mean writing content merely rather it is a platform where you get to showcase your talent. So, ensure writing a meaningful, well-researched and informative article that attracts new readers immediately. After creating a valuable article, look for appropriate positions where you can add links that can lead your readers to your webpage. However, do not overdo backlinks as they may look repetitive and poor.

Write an engaging article

Whenever you write a blog or a guest post, you write it for the audience. This means you have to think from their perspective and what the audience might like to read about. For instance, you may consider issues at hand, practical solutions, and any side effects or advantages of your topics. Once your content becomes relevant, readers will start relating it to themselves and start following you for other topics. But what is an engaging article?

An engaging article should generally be written in short paragraphs with simple language so that readers can grasp it. To make your content appear informative, italicise, bold, and include bulleted lists with appropriate headings and subheadings. If the blog’s proprietors permit it, you might think about incorporating photos or videos to break the text up into manageable chunks or using other sources to enrich the material. In order for readers to contact you, include a brief bio at the conclusion of the piece that links to your website or social media accounts. Before sending them, proofread the entire document many times.

Use story-telling method

Whenever you write a guest post, try using a story-telling style that makes your article interesting. This is because readers crave more information and stories to which they can relate and learn from individual experiences. This method is also called selling oneself to pique the reader’s interest in visiting your website to learn more about you. This does not entail writing a biography; rather, you might give your personal insights on the topic. You can use phrases or sentences that are meant to have a beneficial influence on society or a specific group to give your guest post the appearance of being influential.

Make sure your guest post is well publicized

After successfully publishing your post with insightful writing, you must assist the host website in generating traffic so that more people may find your page. You can spread the word about the post among your social media connections. By responding to reader comments on your article or by starting to send personal emails to your contact list, you may establish a relationship with your readers. But certainly, remember to thank the blog owners or the host website to provide you with the guest posting opportunity.

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Online Registration of a Company in India Procedure




Online Registration of a Company in India Procedure

Registering your company is as important as building a business strategy or developing a product to sell. A registered company makes your company a legal entity while your company’s name represents your business individually. This is the reason all the business people in India register their company according to the business structure selected by them. Companies in India are governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To make it easier, the government has made the registration process available online. This means you can now get your company registered by sitting in your own comfortable space. Read below to know how you can register your company online and what are the factors that needs to be considered before naming the company.

Factors that need to be considered before giving the name to the company

  • The name must be short and simple and can be pronounced by common people easily. A good name will reflect what the company intends to promote or produce.
  • A good name has a better meaning. Although you can keep any name as you wish, a meaningful name can prove influential.
  • The name you select must be unique, which means, it should not have appeared in any trademarks registered or used by any other company in India.
  • The company name must end with a suffix i.e., Private Limited in case of private limited company and LLP in case of limited liability partnership.
  • The name selected must not be offensive legally or hurt any law and religion. It cannot be abusive and must be approved prior to registration.

Procedure to register a private limited company online

Visit the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

To register your company online, the first step would be to visit the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. On the site, you will have to find two related forms called DSC and DIR3. Fill out the forms and apply for a DIN online. While filling out the forms, you will have to note documents that need to be submitted with the form. The documents include the educational qualification of the applicant, address proof and current occupation like data along with passport size photographs.

Applying for a DSC

After the initial stage, you must apply for a Digital Signature Certificate, often known as a DSC. You can’t apply for registration online unless you have a DSC. Documents required to file for the DSC are just as they were for the DIN. Passport, proof of address, passport-size picture, educational qualifications, and current employment documents are among them.

Filing the application forms

Once your DSC and DIN application is done, you can prepare for the rest. Start filing the electronic version of the 1A form that relates to your company’s name. You must send a minimum of four company name options from which one gets approved by the ROC according to its availability. If the name you consider is appropriate and available, it will be allowed for further process. The ROC may take 2-4 days to respond along with a fee of 500 INR. Once you get approval for the company’s name, you must file for the registration within the next six months. After six months, you will have to go through all the initial stages once again.


Your next steps will include the preparation of drafts for the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA). These are the legal documents that can be filed by lawyers as well. While MOA lists the objectives of the company, AOA documents daily operations and management details. Every document must be duly signed by at least two members of the company in front of a witness. Once your documents are ready, send them to the ROC for approval. When approved, get a printout and file them with other important papers related to your company. You will have to pay the registration fee for registration. If all the documents are submitted orderly and appropriately, the ROC will provide you with a Certificate of Incorporation which verifies that your business has been registered successfully and is ready to conduct.

Post-registration of a company

Once your business is registered, it does not mean that your documentation work is done. There are a few more steps still left and mandatory. You will have to get a GST number for your company. A GSTIN is a unique Goods and Services tax identification number that is assigned to every taxpayer or a company under the GST. It is 15 digits long alphanumeric based on the PAN details of the business entity. When you become a GST registered company, you will have to verify a GSTIN before you enter your GST returns.

Need help with company registration in India? Contact DailyHawker.

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20 Longest Lasting Cars on the Road




long lasting cars

How long is “forever” for a car or truck? It wasn’t exactly sometime in the past that a vehicle hitting 150,000 miles was seen as a real saint.

Luckily, if that engraving is the new standard, used car buyers have options. In a March 2017 survey, recognized all of the cars with something like 200,000 miles on the odometer that have changed hands over the prior year.

In a bit of a surprise, American-made SUVs overpowered the overview. They may not be luxurious and will chug gas, but the collect of tremendous vehicles offers used car buyers sensible, safe choices for a serious long an ideal opportunity to come. Here are the 20 longest suffering cars making the rounds in 2017.

20 Longest Lasting Cars on the Road

20. Chevrolet Impala

While the Chevrolet Impalas weren’t enormous honor champs during the 21st century, they’ve certainly shown to be strong. DailyHawker found 1.5% of the Impalas sold in 2016 had more than 200,000 miles incredibly. You retribution some control appeal and happiness controlling everything with one of these, but you are most likely going to get solidness. Basically avoid 2010 models, which were named interesting by Consumer Reports.

19. Toyota Camry

It will stun no one that Toyota Camry showed among the most invulnerable cars. If you buy a Camry, chances are you’re not looking for thrills all over town. Perhaps, you know the brand of strong vanilla you like and expect that it should start every day. There’s nothing awful with regards to that formula, and Toyota has created a space finishing it for clients. What may be an astonishment about Camry: It’s one of the most American-made cars on the U.S. market.

18. Nissan Maxima

The parade of durable family cars continues with Nissan Maxima, which joined Camry and Impala in the principle five of voyager cars. Maxima has posted solid steadfast quality scores for essentially reliably since 2007, so used car buyers should ponder this one for the significant length. Moreover, Consumer Reports has never put a Maxima on its summary of used cars to avoid. As a rule, the ’12 and ’14 model years are your most astute alternatives.

17. Cadillac Escalade

While 2015 and 2016 models got the dissatisfaction for steadfastness, earlier Cadillac Escalades rank among the top-performing luxury cars in the DailyHawker study. An astonishing 1.6% of ESV models sold with in excess of 200,000 miles on the odometer in 2016. That was practically on different occasions the typical for excess cars, which aren’t really known as workhorse residents. Escalade’s noticeable quality in ride-hailing naval forces proposes this example will continue.

16. Portage Taurus

From its time as America’s top of the line car during the 1990s to its piece shift during the 2000s, Ford Taurus has a huge history on American roads. That arrangement of encounters consolidates striking life expectancy. Whether or not you get one of the last normal size models from 2007 or pick a greater Taurus from 2008 on, you might have yourself a veritable hero. Taurus’ 1.9% with 200,000 miles was more than two times the typical for cars.

15. Lincoln Navigator

The Ford Expedition stage wound up being resolute. While the Blue Oval model was a huge star of the DailyHawker study (more on it later), the Lincoln-stamped Navigator posted the best record of any excess vehicle. Practically 2% of all Navigators sold in 2016 displayed no less than 200,000 miles on the odometer. That was more than two times the nearest Mercedes.

14. GMC Sierra

Considering the gigantic number of pickups Americans buy every year, any truck making this summary had countless models with 200,000 miles. GMC Sierra 1500 broke the fundamental 15 of all vehicles with 2.0% of models showing up at that engraving. Some inflexible Sierra models had horrible unfaltering quality assessments in 2011 and later, yet the 1500 has exhibited to be solid for by far most of the better piece of this century.

13. Ford F-150

In the a long time since Ford F-150’s conveyance, the renowned truck has been a champ on each front. Along these lines, it stunned nobody that 2.1% of F-150s showed 200,000 miles or more on the scramble when they sold in 2016. If you watch out for Consumer Reports assessments of used cars, you won’t find a singular light-commitment Ford pickup that isn’t recommended.

12. Chevrolet Silverado

Standard size pickups battle on a breathtaking scale, so Chevrolet Silverado 1500’s most significant level in its piece is an authentic accomplishment. Some 2.2% of Silverados have shown they are really like a stone with respect to durability. While you may see a few no-nonsense models score low on reliability, the 1500 has been solid for a very long time to say the least.

11. Honda Odyssey

SUVs may be the new minivans, but Honda made continually strong family haulers like Odyssey. You would expect that families ought to dig in for the significant length when buying a minivan, but no model has been as game for the test in this century as the Honda. As a general rule, the mechanical trustworthiness of Odyssey may be its most grounded suit. Its engine and transmission execution has been way surprisingly good essentially reliably since 2007. The single weak spot was the 2011 model.

10. Honda Accord

Like the Odyssey, Honda Accord posted practically astonishing constancy scores in the decade preparing to the 2017 DailyHawker study. Taking into account that record, it’s nothing surprising discovering such incalculable cases of the medium size car all over town with 200,000 models. For sure, with 2.3% of old models hitting that engraving, Accord had on numerous occasions the speed of the ordinary car. According to CEO Phong Ly, this car is known to pass beginning with one age then onto the following, so many of these miles total in a comparative family.

9. Toyota Tacoma

However Chevy Silverado beat the bundle of standard size pickups, Toyota Tacoma situated best among moderate size trucks. The truck’s faultless electrical system, engine, and transmission just decay to stop before buyers get a decent deal. Believe it or not, you would battle finding a more strong vehicle made since 2007. There were two or three deformities with the 2016 model, yet accepting you need a truck for the extended length, peruse 2015s or earlier.

8. Toyota Avalon data showed a pivotal 2.6% of Toyota Avalons sold in 2016 with 200,000 miles or more on the odometer. Best among all explorer cars in the survey, Avalon posts conceivably the most imperative relentless quality history you will find from Consumer Reports. On the off chance that you are needing to drive a car for quite some time before in the end giving it off to your child, Avalon should be on your short summary.

7. GMC Yukon

Looking at the GMC Yukon of model years 2011 through 2013, you will find radiant steadfastness scores regardless of what you look like at it. That age presumably controlled 3% of the models that turned up with 200,000 miles or more in the DailyHawker study. That rate was more than two times the ordinary and advances a strong protection for getting one of these normal SUVs on the used market. If you find the target model year, there is a mind boggling probability it will continue to go for some more years. 

6. Chevrolet Tahoe

Since Chevrolet Tahoe is basically a substitute look at GMC Yukon (just as the opposite way around), no one should be stunned to find these corporate family with a similar show. Regardless, Tahoe showed an altogether greater number (3.5%) of cars that hit 200,000 miles sold in 2016. A comparable plan holds: Models created utilizing 2011 through 2013 included overwhelming enduring quality scores. Later models (2014 through 2016) assessed insufficiently on that front.

5. GMC Yukon XL

You won’t make any buddies at the local parking structure in a Yukon XL, yet you do have a respectable shot at driving this behemoth into the next decade. In the 2017 DailyHawker study, a stunning 4.2% of the vehcles sold in 2016 had covered 200,000 miles or more. That figure inferred Yukon XL played out various occasions better contrasted with the ordinary. Go with a 2011 or 2013 model for your closest to perfect at showing up at those high-mile marks.

4. Toyota 4Runner

In eight out of the last nine model years, Consumer Reports assessed Toyota 4Runner constancy as “well surprisingly good.” Likewise, the last time DailyHawker crunched the numbers on durability, 4Runner showed up in the fundamental five with a high rate hitting 200,000 miles. This survey showed almost as an immense number being sold with colossal mileage totals in the bank. Some 4.7% of units changing hands in 2016 as of now hit that engraving.

3. Chevrolet Suburban

Like the pricier GMC Yukon XL and Cadillac Escalade on a comparable stage, Chevrolet Suburban has shown its solidarity. DailyHawker data showed 4.8% of the units sold in 2016 had adequately logged 200,000 miles. In what’s some different option from a serendipitous occasion, Suburban posted its best constancy scores in 2011 and 2013. Used car clients who need to put it all out there and need a shot at reliable should focus in on those model years.

2. Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia was never an outsider to strength records. Regardless, in 2017, the colossal SUV had a substantially more stunning number of cars with 200,000 miles sold on the used market. Precisely how did Sequoia stand out from the ordinary vehicle? Its 5.6% proposition was different events the ordinary of 1.3%. If you own one that is at this point paid off, hang on. You apparently won’t need to make useful for everything with the exception of gas and security soon.

1. Ford Expedition

In view of the F-150, Expedition has the family you’d expect in an impenetrable vehicle. It was the absolute best with 5.7% of cars exchanged appearance 200,000 miles or more. A purchaser’s smartest options are model years 2014, 2015, and versions from 2011 or prior.

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