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Saranghae and Popular Korean Words Every K-drama Lover Must Know



Saranghae and Popular Korean Words Every K-drama Lover Must Know

One of the best things I like about K-Drama is that they use a lot of repetitive words during conversations. This makes me understand Korean movies more quickly even though I do not know the Korean language very well. Since I am a K-drama fan, I have learnt about a few Korean words which are commonly used in almost every K-drama. Here are a few words which you must also know if you love watching K-drama.

Saranghae or Saranghaeyo

Saranghae is one of the most commonly used words in K-dramas, especially if the movie is romantic. Well, you must have heard this many times if you watch Korean movies. ‘Saranghae’ or Saranghaeyo is the formal way of saying ‘I love You’ which is used by couples who fall in love with the other person.


When answering a phone call, Korean people usually never uses ‘anneyeong’ or annyeonghaseyo’ for greeting the other person in line. Rather, they use ‘yeoboseyo’ when the other person in the call is unknown.

Eonni/Unni and Noona

The word Unni or Eonni is used by K-drama women to address their elder sister, close female friends or relatives. Likewise, men will use the word Noona that too means elder sister, female relative or a close female friend.


Annyeonghaseyo is another commonly used K-drama word that simply means greeting a hello. The casual way to greet is annyeong which K-drama actors use to bid goodbye.

Harabeoji and Halmeoni

Harabeoji is the word Koreans use to address their grandfather. Halmeoni is the term used for grandmother. Both the words can be used to address older people as well.


While conversing in the Korean language, you can refer to your younger sibling by calling them dongsaeng. The term applies to both male and female gender.

Ahjussi and Ahjumma

While dongsaeng is used to address younger siblings, ahjussi is used to address a married or middle-aged man. Similarly, while addressing a middle-aged woman or a married lady, you call her ahjumma.

Bogo sipeo or Bogo sipeoyo

When we miss someone, we say ‘I want to see you’ or ‘I miss you. In K-drama, if a person misses the other, they say ‘bogo sipeo’ that means the person misses the other one. A politer way to say the same is bogo sipeoyo.

Yeppeuda and Yeppeuyo

When we have a crush on someone or want to say to someone that he/she is pretty, we say ‘you look pretty or you are pretty. In K-drama, the actors use yeppeuda to express similar kinds of feelings. Yeppeuyo is a polite way of saying the same.


Gwaenchanha is another popular Korean phrase used in K-dramas which means ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m okay. The term can also be used with a question mark while asking the other person whether the person looks fine or not.


One of the most common words uttered in K-drama during an intense situation is the word eotteokhae. This is because this K-drama word is an expression which means ‘what should I do?’. The word can also be used in place of ‘no way’ or ‘oh no’. To use the word politely, you can add ‘yo’ and make it eotteokhaeyo.

Appa and Eomma

Appa and Eomma are used to address father and mother in the Korean language. These are an informal way of addressing mother and father which the formal terms are abeoji for father and eomeoni for mother.

Oppa and Hyeong/Hyung

Oppa is one of the K-drama words used by women to address their elder brothers. Due to wave culture (Hallyu) in Korean movies, many women use the term Oppa to address boyfriend, close male friend or husband provided he is older than the woman. Likewise, Hyeong or hyung is used by men to address their close friends, elder brother or relatives.

Sunbae and Hoobae

When attending school or while at the workplace, K-drama actors use sunbae to refer to or address their seniors. Similarly, when they address or refer to their juniors, the actors use the term hoobae.

Joesonghaeyo and Joesonghamnida

When we commit a mistake and make a promise never to do that mistake again, we apologize and make a promise. In the Korean language, joensonhaeyo or josonghamnida is the formal way to express the same feeling.


While joesonghaeyo is the formal way of apologising, mianhae is a less formal way to say sorry in K-dramas. Though you can add ‘yo’ and make it mianhaeyo to sound polite.


Mwo term in Korean language means ‘what’. This term can be heard many times in K-dramas when the actors are usually unsure about what they have heard or when they come to know about something new.

Jersey and Jebal

Both the words jebal and juseyo means the same and is used to express the feeling ‘please’. However, both the terms are used as per situation demand. For example, when ordering food in a restaurant, you must say juseyo but the latter one is used only when you are desperate for something or beg for anything.

Gamsahamnida and Gomawo

Gamsahamnida or kamsahamnida is used in the Korean language to say ‘thank you. When you want to say thank you to a close person, you may use an informal way gomowoyo or gomawo instead.


Aja is a Korean term used for fighting. Aja is used by Koreans to cheer up people or lift others spirits when fighting.


Omo is used in K-dramas when the actors face a surprising situation. Omo can also be used when you are excited about anything or feel very happy. In other terms, Omo is an expression we use for ‘oh my gosh!’.


The term jinjja means seriously or really. They can be used when you talk to a close relative or friend or a person who is of your age. The formal version of jinjja is jinjjayo and is used when we talk to a stranger or older person. Jinjja can also be sued like a question or to mark an expression of disbelief.


Kamjagiya is one term we use when we want to say ‘you surprised me’ or ‘you scared me. The word is more often used when the K-drama actors want to express a feeling of surprise or shock when an unexpected circumstance takes place.

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Shirley Ann Shepherd: Who Is Charlie Watts’ Wife?




Shirley Ann Shepherd

In normal life, if someone has a lot of affairs outside marriage, does drugs and lives a generally hedonistic lifestyle, they tend to hide it from the rest of the world. However, if you are a member of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, you do the opposite. Which is exactly what Charlie Watts, the drummer of The Rolling Stones did. In a band known for its excesses, Charlie Watts stayed off drugs and stayed married to just one woman, Shirley Ann Shepherd for 57 years. This kind of nice and humble lifestyle wasn’t considered “rock n roll” enough and he had to hide it in public. After all, how can a rockstar stay with just one woman and not have sex with every woman that he lays his eyes on. On October 14, 1964, at age 23, Charlie Watts had sworn eternal love to Shirley Ann Shepherd, an arts student three years older than him. But despite being the drummer of one of the world’s most popular bands ever, Charlie Watts didn’t indulge in the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle with groupies and stayed loyal to his lovely wife Shirley Ann Shepherd. Let’s find out more about her.

Shirley Ann Shepherd: All You Need To Know

What did The Rolling Stones think when Charlie Watts decided to marry Shirley Ann Shepherd?

“The rest of the group thought that it was not a very good idea, because at that time the fans had to feel that each member of the band was available. They told me not to wear a ring when I was with him and to walk a few steps behind, “Shirley Ann herself explained to Channel 4 in a show about rockers’ wives. This documentary, broadcast in 1996, is one of the few appearances in the media by Shepherd, as the silence initially imposed became a healthy habit that established them as an anomalous couple in the fluctuating sentimental universe of the famous. The couple kept their marriage together for 57 years until the demise of Charlie Watts at the age of 80.

What is the family background of Shirley Ann Shepherd?

Shirley Ann Shepherd, born September 11, 1938, came from a working-class English family, like Watts, and wanted to be a sculptor. Curiously, she fell in love almost like a groupie when she saw Watts play in the early ‘60s in the band Blues Incorporated, but after six months of relationship, they decided to each pursue their dream: she would go to study at the Royal College of Arts in London, and he had just signed up for a new band called The Rolling Stones, in addition to finding a job as a graphic designer. 

How did Shirley Ann Shepherd and Charlie Watts decide to stay with each other?

A young Shirley Ann Shepherd (left) with Charlie Watts (right)

However, fate prevailed: a year later they met again and, as Shirley Ann explained, “there was no going back.” To the surprise of many, it was Shirley Ann the rocker in the relationship, the one who played the Rolling records at home, while Watts was more about listening to jazz, his true calling, and considered rock as his job and a way to have a good time. hang out with his ‘office’ colleagues. In fact, when the musician was asked about the secret of his marriage in a 2018 interview with NME, he declared conclusively: “That I am not a rock star.”

How did Shirley Ann Shepherd differ from the other band members’ wives?

Thus, just as Watts was considered the most stoic member of the Rolling Stones, always impeccably dressed, in the aforementioned documentary Shirley Ann stood out among other rocker wives for her naivety, her sobriety and her farm-girl look. In front of the glamorous testimonies of the actress Charlotte Rampling (as a partner of Jean-Michelle Jarre) or the love for the cameras of a Sharon Osbourne(which was already pointing out ways of reality), Shepherd appeared disheveled in his spacious country estate, chaotic with all her sculpture materials (she left school, but never the love of the arts) and taken by 27 adopted dogs. 

Did Shirley Ann Shepherd and Charlie Watts have a horse farm?

Not surprisingly, the last image of Charlie Watts, from 2020, was an adorable snapshot with his wife and his latest acquisition walks. And the great luxuries were diverted (in addition to Watts’s car collection, despite the fact that he did not have a driver’s license) to the other inhabitants of the farm: 90 Arabian horses that he washed with what they called “the most expensive shampoo in the world. 

”And they even gave them a peach blossom conditioner. “This life is a dream. I had read and read about people who had horses and dogs, who lived in the country and it is much better than I had thought. A million times better, ”he explained. The dream ended up being translated into the 600 acres of his Haldon Arabians farm, in the North Devon region (south-west England), which also turned out to be a good deal, as his stud horses charge between 1,800 and 2,000 pounds (between 2,100 and 2,350 euros) by natural or artificial insemination.

How was the domestic life of Shirley Ann Shepherd and Charlie Watts?

The domestic life was not so romantic and the home created by Shirley Ann Shepherd was not necessarily Watts’ dream, who although he always said that his only regret was not having spent more time with his wife, she was not so clear: “ When he returns home, everything is very difficult. Once you have unpacked your bags you don’t really know what to do. He gets bored, because he is a musician, it is what he knows and wants to do, so he has to go. But we manage. There is nothing worse than seeing someone wandering around the house without knowing what to do with himself, ”he explained. 

How was Shirley Ann Shepherd’s experience on The Rolling Stones tour bus?

She knew this for good, for she experienced it while trying to join her husband’s lifestyle. “Yes, I was on the first tour, but I soon realized that this was not a place for a wife and that she was not welcome. I spent hours locked in a filthy hotel room drawing sketches or reading. Thinking that I didn’t want to be there and that I wanted to be with Charlie ”, she admitted, and even had some self-esteem problems for being ‘the woman of’. “I have often felt a kind of jealousy for the attention it receives, I have to confess. I thought of myself that I would be a great sculptor … but in the end you have to decide what to do with what life gives you, “she explained. She even shared her frustration with her mother-in-law before getting married: “She told me, ‘Don’t worry. In a year it will be over ”.

Did Charlie Watts lead a hedonistic lifestyle?

Clearly, she was wrong, but that was not incompatible with the marriage and they found a difficult balance, supported by the arrival of their daughter Seraphina, in 1968, who would also give them their only granddaughter, Charlotte, and by appearing on time at some social events such as the 50 Elton John’s birthdays, Georgia May Jagger’s christenings, the Grammys, or of course the Ascot horse races. 

In return, Charlie never joined in the wild life of his bandmates and hardly gave interviews. Famous is his image at the party at the Playboy mansion in 1972, entertained in Hugh Hefner’s game room while the rest went to the bunnies. And Bill Wyman, the band’s bass player, summed it up in numbers when talking about those first two years of fame: “I slept with 278 girls, Brian (Jones) with 130, Mick (Jagger) with about 30, Keith (Richards) with 6 and Charlie with none ”. 

The great threat to family stability came in the 1980s in the form of speed and heroin. When Charlie Watts overcame the serious addiction he suffered, the musician acknowledged that it was thanks to Shirley Ann Shepherd and her daughter. “My daughter used to tell me that he looked like Dracula (…). I stopped in my tracks. For me and my wife ”. So Watts finally found peace, contradicted the famous “I can’t get no satisfaction”’ song and stayed loyal and faithful to Shirley Ann Shepherd till his death. The couple swore to stay together till death do them part, and that’s exactly what they ended up doing.

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Asia Carrera: Interesting Facts About The Former Adult Video Star Who Loves Gaming




Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera is a former adult video star who was extremely popular during the 90s. She holds the honour of being the first Asian recipient of the Adult Video Network (AVN) awards. She stood out because of her different looks in a world dominated by buxom women with bleach blonde hair. However, there is much more to Asia Carrera than her adult movie career. She was a National Merit Scholar who scored a stunning 1440 on her SAT. She is known for her extraordinarily high IQ of 156 (she is a member of Mensa) and she is also a hardcore gamer. And guess what, she isn’t a new gamer (far more common for girls to be into gaming these days), she has been gaming from the time very few girls were into gaming. She was a dedicated Unreal Tournament player during the early days of online multiplayer gaming. She even had her own Unreal tournament server and designed her own skin for her in game character. Many people across the globe used the skin designed by her. In this post, we will take a look at some interesting facts about and around the incredible life of Asia Carrera. Let’s get started.

Asia Carrera: Interesting Things To Know

Did Asia Carrera consider herself an exception in the world of video games?

Speaking in an interview, Asia Carrera said “Oh yes, I am definitely an exception. I don’t know other women who are as into computer games as I am. I know a lot of guys who don’t think I’m really a computer hangout, but it’s something I can understand as I wouldn’t trust any girl with my computers … but currently, I wouldn’t let any guy touch my computers.” She was a big fan favourite among gaming nerds at that time.

Which other adult film stars played video games along with Asia Carrera?

Male porn star John Decker came to play Unreal Tournament with her quite often, but he was the only porn star she knew who plays computer games very well. 

What did Asia Carrera say about the small number of women in gaming?

According to Asia Carrera, there were many more men hanging from the computer than women, so of course, there will be more guys playing games than girls. And like everywhere on the net, even half the players playing as female, were probably male.

Asia Carrera also added that it might be because video games didn’t appeal a lot to women. She said ”Yes, in general women are not attracted to games that involve violent destruction, massacres and shooting with explosions. Sure there are exceptions, but usually women can not understand why men consider senseless violence a form of entertainment; “manly sport”. It’s  a testosterone thing I guess.”

Which is Asia Carrera’s favourite video game?

While Asia Carrera plays numerous video games, her favourite game of all time is Unreal Tournament. 

What did Asia Carrera say about the accusations of video games encouraging violence among children?

Asia Carrera believed that young children should not be exposed to this type of graphic violence because very young children sometimes have trouble differentiating the “real world” from the world they imagine. But such a young child wouldn’t know how to charge and play such a game in any way, so it’s not really a problem. 

She also said that she didn’t think that a normal adult is affected by violence in a computer game. Kicking someone’s ass in a game is not going to make anyone run off the next day kicking their neighbors’ ass. It is stupid to suggest that. She also said that calling video games as something that is exclusively for children was misleading and gave the example of the character design of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider franchise to make her point.

What did Asia Carrera say about the sexual content in video games?

Speaking on the matter, Asia Carrera said, “In the United States, violence is considered less harmful than sexual content, why? I have no idea. Sex is a normal and healthy biological function while shooting and killing people is definitely not. So why does our society allow children to see violent images at any age while forbidding them to see a consensual sexual act between two people? What do you think will harm our children the most in the long run? It doesn’t make sense to me, but, hey, I didn’t make the rules.”

Does Asia Carrera design her own video game skins?

Yes, Asia Carrera designed the skin for her Unreal Tournament character and she was also in talks with numerous game developing companies to work on a Tomb Raider type of game, with a more erotic theme. 

Why did Asia Carrera build her own Unreal Tournament server?

Unlike what many people might expect, Asia Carrera did not build her own Unreal Tournament server so that she could get more “pings”. She actually did that for playing her favourite maps and retaining things that she liked such as “relics”, “translocators” and “redeemers”. Having her own server also allowed her to use her own skins.

Did Asia Carrera ever try to win any game by revealing her identity?

No, she usually stays away from such tricks as most people wouldn’t believe her claim anyway. On top of that, the online gaming world is very competitive and they wouldn’t really care.

What did Asia Carrera say about playing with other people in a room with LAN?

I don’t have the appearance of a porn star when I go to play with my friends, but the nude or topless skins that I use are surprising enough for my rivals, at least the first times we play. 

Did Asia Carrera encounter fans of her adult video work during her gaming time?

Yes, Asia Carrera stumbled across numerous fans of her adult video work who were very kind and welcoming towards her.

How did Asia Carrera manage her personal life with gaming?

Speaking on this, Asia Carrera said, “It is possible, so you have to be careful. My solution was to find a boyfriend who enjoys computers and UT games with me, this way the computer keeps us together instead of distancing us.”

Has Asia Carrera appeared in mainstream Hollywood movies?

Asia Carrera had a cameo in the Jeff Bridges starring cult classic The Big Lebowski. She played the role of a porn star on the set of the fictional porn movie “Logjammin”. 

What religion does Asia Carrera belong to?

Asia Carrera is actually an atheist. She is famous for wearing a colander on her driving license picture. Utah’s state laws don’t permit any kind of headgear unless it’s for religious purposes. She said that she wore the colander in the honour of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. She is one of the many “Pastafarians” from Utah who’ve worn colanders on their official document photographs. 

Who is Asia Carrera’s hero?

Asia Carrera has cited Warren Buffet as her hero on numerous occasions. Buffet himself was quite pleased with this piece of information.

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Gabriel Soto Scandals and Personal Facts, Explained!




Gabriel Soto

One of the most famous Mexican entertainment actors in recent years, Gabriel Soto has become one of the viewers’ favorite soap opera actors, although he has also generated great controversy after his string of latest scandals. Most people know something about his devastating separation from his wife Geraldine Bazán as they continue with the fights and discussions about the issues of their divorce, something that has affected the careers of both. Then there are additional scandals about his private life, public life, and his popularity! 

Most Googled Gabriel Soto Facts (Including Controversies)

What is Gabriel Soto’s age?

The famous actor is of Mexican nationality, his full name is Gabriel Soto Díaz, he was born in Mexico City on April 17, 1775. 

He is currently 46 years old, with almost half of his life dedicated to acting, participating in all kinds of projects. One of his earlier projects was being runner up at a modeling contest at age 18 in the Mister World contest in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey, and joining a band called Kairo at age 19 replacing Eduardo Verástegui. 

Who is Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend? Who are Gabriel Soto’s children?

Currently, the famous interpreter continues with his relationship with Irina Baeva and even a few weeks ago she revealed herself how she conquered Gabriel Soto and even the rumors of a wedding are getting stronger and stronger. 

So far, the only wife known to Gabriel Soto is Geraldine Bazán, whom he met in 2007 and with whom he had two daughters, although due to infidelity they ended up separating, and even the actress revealed if she has already overcome the infidelity of her ex-husband. 

Likewise, he is known other couples such as Martha Julia, whom he met in the recordings of ‘The ways of love’ in 2002, also Fernánda López, who is currently the wife of actor Alexis Ayala, and although it was rumored that he had an affair with Marjorie de Sousa, this was never confirmed. 

The soap opera actor has two daughters, Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, both with his ex-wife Geraldine Bazán, who are currently 12 and 7 years old, and even the actor constantly brags about his daughter as a boxer as she is a fan of this sport. On the other hand, Gabriel Soto could increase the number of his children with his current partner Irina Baeva, with whom he has already been for several years and as we mentioned earlier, they could get married very soon. 

Why did Gabriel Soto betray Geraldine Bazán when they were a couple? 

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán’s relationship has not improved since their separation. Did the actor really betray her? Let’s look at their history. The love between Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto began in 2007 when they both recorded together with the telenovela Bajo la reiendas del amor. They quickly became one of the audience’s favorite couples.

Although together they went through quite difficult times, they managed to keep the relationship stable and share moments of pure joy. As a result of this incredible love, their children Elissa Marie and Alexa Miranda were born. For ten years and with a separation in between, Soto and Bazán starred in a great love story. However, that romance began to fade and at the end of 2017, they announced their separation.

The separation became the protagonist of a controversy when the actor confirmed his romance with Irina Baeva, an actress with whom he shared a cast. Since then, much has been said about possible infidelity and betrayal on the part of Gabriel. Unlike other divorced couples, the actor and Geraldine Bazán did not manage to end on good terms. Although the interpreter tries to maintain good communication with his ex-wife, the actress does not forgive him for his affair with Irina. According to her, Gabriel was in a relationship with the young Russian when they were still married. But she also revealed that she had a platonic love affair, not with her ex-husband. Since she released this information, many people began to wonder if Gabriel Soto betrayed her for this reason. 

This controversial information came to light during the Montse y Joe program, where Geraldine Bazán was a guest and was encouraged to answer some quite spicy questions. Without fear of what they will say, the actress revealed that her “crush” was a famous Mexican actor. The audience thought he was talking about Soto. To everyone’s surprise, the actress was referring to Héctor Soberón. By revealing the name, the actress explained why Soberón was her crush. When he was young, the actress worked alongside him on the soap opera My Little Traviesa and was fascinated when she saw him. And although he was her crush for a long time, he confirmed that he is now a friend. 

After revealing that her platonic love was never Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazán revealed the characteristics that her ideal man should have: a grown man, and emotional intelligence.

What was the Gabriel Soto video scandal?

Gabriel Soto went viral on Twitter after an intimate video of the actor leaked. Although in the images, only a few seconds long, the face of the man who appears naked in front of the camera is not appreciated, the users of the social network identified him by his tattoos

Before being eliminated by the account that released the material, the clip achieved thousands of “likes”, and triggered infinite memes. The actor acknowledged that he is the one who appears in the video on his Instagram account. 

This was one of many chapters in a history of controversy that has not stopped growing since the actor divorced Geraldine Bazán in 2017.

The actor, who is constantly in the eye of the hurricane for various controversies, was invited to the Unicable’s Members on Air program, where he referred to the sex clip as he had never done before.

Surrounded by some friends and with many jokes, Soto defended his right to be recorded in his privacy, but classified the act of dissemination as a crime on social networks in December of last year. He stressed that this video was recorded a long time ago and he had even forgotten when he did it, but he hinted that they already have some suspects in their sights.

Was his sexy video leaked out of revenge?

In December, social networks collapsed due to the virtualization of an intimate video of Gabriel Soto, who accepted ownership of the material and assured that the dissemination was an act of revenge.

Turning a little more serious, the hosts of Unicable’s Members on Air program asked him about his feelings after the video was broadcast and what he thinks of these erotic materials.

“Yes, it does affect the violation of your privacy. I have two daughters, I had to talk to them, mainly to the older one, not with the little one. Because if it is ugly, it affects you, it embarrasses you, it is hard to look at your father, it is difficult psychologically and emotionally speaking, ”he said. 

The actor assured that it was not a mistake to record the said audiovisual clip, but the action of broadcasting was different. 

“It is not bad to record oneself, so why is it bad? It’s my privacy and I can do whatever I want, I can record myself however I want. The crime is who leaked it and who filtered this type of video and spread it”.

While the actor filed a complaint about whoever is responsible for the leak of this video and awaits the conclusion of the case, the situation provoked an infinite number of reactions, but those of Irina Baeva and Geraldine Bazán stood out as possible people in charge of publishing it.

Soto’s girlfriend Irina Baeva came to her boyfriend’s defense and assured that the most affected by this are the daughters that the actor had with Geraldine Bazán.

Geraldine Bazán, his wife, also described the broadcast as “quite shameful for him and extremely shameful for my daughters.”

She also denied that she was responsible for leaking a video of this type: “Absolutely a lie. That I do want to clarify, at no time, never, of my relationship did I receive a video like that, ” she said. 

“What you do in your privacy is not bad, and what I am going to say is stupid and in a different parameter, but everyone goes to the bathroom, everyone does it and it is not a crime, but it is not good that they leak the videos start to go viral and spread, “Soto added.

Soto also stressed that this intimate video was recorded a long time ago, but that did not extinguish the scandal, so he had to endure all the controversy that was generated around him.

What was the Gabriel Soto covid wedding scandal?

In the last three years, the protagonist of Las vías del Amor has been jumping from one controversy to another. He sparked Twitter outrage after attending a mass wedding in Cancun in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On November 20, the Mexican actor took a flight to the jewel of the Mexican Caribbean along with his girlfriend, Irina Baeva, to attend the spectacular wedding of Michel Escalle and Odalis Gómez Millar. The bride was the daughter of the renowned boxing promoter Pepe Gómez.

On Instagram videos celebrating the bride and groom’s wedding, it can be seen that during the reception most of the guests did not wear face masks for long periods of time, and the preferred social distance was not respected.

The wedding took place in a chapel which was attended by dozens of people. And a banquet was held in style after the ceremony, with a large stage where the guests danced to the rhythm of Mexican musicians or the sound of samba such as Lorenzo Méndez.

In the photographs, the actor and his girlfriend posed without masks – which received a storm of criticism for their irresponsibility. Upon returning to Mexico City, they defended themselves, but their words caused even more anger.

“Well yeah, we went to a wedding but there have been weddings all the time. There are many folks who have gotten wed. The bride was the daughter of a very important boxing promoter. All security protocols were carried out. There was a sanitation booth outside, where each of the guests had to pass as a measure of security, ”said the famous couple. 

What was the Gabriel Soto covid quarantine scandal?

The protagonist of Soltero con hijas aka Single with Daughters between 2019 and 2020 had already been involved in a controversy for breaking the quarantine, and traveling to Acapulco, when the pandemic had already peaked globally! 

Despite the fact that the actor spoke on numerous occasions about the importance of staying home, he still went to the beach on occasion and was even photographed by a magazine in which he appeared with Irina Baeva in a shopping plaza and in a restaurant. Gabriel Soto defended himself again after reactions from the media came pouring in. In a talk with journalist Lucho Borrego, from the Suelta la Sopa program, the actor said that the accusations had been unfair. 

“He tells me that he is one of the most careful people and on that specific day he had a problem with his cell phone to communicate with his daughters, ”Borrego said.

As defended by the famous, he was forced to leave the hotel to repair the phone. “I stepped out to do what I had to do and returned home. It’s unfair, ”Soto said.

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