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Skyler Gisondo: 8 Cool Facts About The Santa Clarita Diet Actor!



Skyler Gisondo

Skyler Gisondo has been featured prominently in TV series and movies since he was six years old and has slowly motivated his fans who have questioned his relationship status and even if he is straight or gay since watching him grow on the big screen into adulthood. The Florida native has acted in an array of movies, enough to make any of his contemporaries proud of the young actor. Some of the films in his acting portfolio include significant heavyweights such as The Three Stooges, Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. He has also worked with Hollywood greats such as Ben Stiller, Emma Stone, and Robin Williams.

Skyler Gisondo: Most Googled, Frequently Asked Questions About The Actor! 

1. What nationality is Skyler Gisondo?

Skyler Gisondo (born July 22, 1996) Palm Beach County, Florida, U.S. 

Skyler Gisondo’s nationality is American as he was born to his parents in Palm Beach to Stacey and Ron Gisondo, who are both ocean engineers.

The actor grew up in Florida and later moved to South Bay, Los Angeles. 

He is a resident of Manhattan Beach and his last name comes from his paternal grandfather, who was Italian-American. His other three grandparents were Jewish. After starting work frequently, he was homeschooled for several years. She spent several years in high school involved in the Jewish organization USY, including going to Israel on a program offered by them. In 2014, Skyler Gisondo graduated from Milken Community High School in Los Angeles. In 2015, he began attending University of Southern California film school, first full-time and then part-time before taking a hiatus to film. The Santa Clarita Diet.

2. What age is Skyler Gisondo?

As he was born in Palm Beach County, Florida on July 22, 1996, Skyler Gisondo’s age is 25.

He began his TV career at the age of seven when he starred in an episode of Miss Watch. After a show at an ice rink in Burbank four years later, his mother wanted to advance his career. So far he has been involved in more than 40 film and television productions, including as a voice actor.

3. Who is Skyler Gisondo in Once Upon a Time?

He is an American actor and voice actor, best known for his role as Nick Daley in Night at the Museum: The Mysterious Tomb, as a young Shawn Spencer in two seasons of the series Psych and as James Griswold in Vacation – We Are the Griswolds.

The American actor was born to his parents Stacey and Ron Gisondo, an oceanographic engineer, in Palm Beach County, Florida. He lived in Hypoluxo before moving with his family. He has two older sisters.

At the age of six, while his family followed his father on a business trip to Southern California, his parents decided to send photos of him to several agencies. While still a child, his mother Stacey Gisondo made it her duty to distribute Skyler’s images to a myriad of talent agencies. Within three days, Skyler was hired for a Pizza Hut commercial, which gave him a quick start to his career starring in other commercials and television series.

In terms of awards, Skyler won the 2009 “Young Artist Award – Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series” for his role on The Bill Engvall Show as Bryan Pearson. 

In terms of awards, Gisondo received a Young Artist Award in 2009 and 2012.

4. What has Skyler Gisondo been in?

American actor, Skyler Gisondo is best known for playing the role of Eric Bemis in the Netflix television series Santa Clarita Diet.  He has acted in other television productions such as Monk, House MD, ER, CSI: NY, and Psych, and his film credits include such films as Halloween, Space Buddies, The Three Stooges, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Now a 25 year old actor Skyler Gisondo first rose from smaller guest roles on television series to comic turns as an awkward teenager in “Night of the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” (2014) and “Vacation” (2015).

Born on July 22, 1996 in Palm Beach, Florida, the American actor of US nationality began his acting career at the age of 7 after debuting on screen in an episode of “Miss Match” (ABC, 2003). 

On highly rated television shows such as “ER” (NBC, 1994-2009) and “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS, 1996-2005), he began working significantly in guest roles in addition to premiering into feature films as a voice actor. He lent his voice to the role of B-Dawg, a hip-hop-loving mutt in “Air Buddies” (2006). 

He also acted in the sixth film in the “Air Bud” franchise and would reprise the role another 5 times between 2008 and 2012 while also continuing to work in other features, prominently in Rob Zombie’s remake of “Halloween” (2007) and “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” (2007). 

As Engvall’s intelligent and eccentric youngest son, the actor was also a TV show regular (between these assignments), on “The Bill Engvall Show” (TBS, 2007-2009) and later as the younger version of fake psychic Shawn Spencer on “Psych” (USA Network, 2006-2014) from 2010 to 2012. 

Drawing the attention of feature casting agents, his natural comic abilities led to humorous supporting roles in screen comedies like “The Three Stooges” (2012), for which he portrayed the younger version of Moe Howard. He was also cast in the supporting role as Howard who is Gwen Stacy’s younger brother in “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012) and its 2014 sequel. 

Finally, he made a significant shift to a lead role in 2014 with “Hard Sell,” a comedy-drama about a young man who becomes mixed up with a socialite (Katrina Bowden) to run away from his schoolmates for fast money, and took over from Jake Cherry as Nick Daley, Ben Stiller’s screen son, in “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” 

He played Ed Helms’ anxious son in “Vacation,” the following year. This movie of his was a reboot of the popular comedy series with Chevy Chase.

5. How old is Devin in Ouat?

Ouat stands for Once Upon a Time and Skyler Gisondo was cast in the role of Devin in 2013. 

As he was born in 1996, his age 8 years ago would be 17 years playing Devin in Ouat. In 2021, Devin in Ouat will be 25 years old. 

6. Skyler Gisondo’s girlfriend: Is he gay?

In 2014 – his senior year of high school – Skyler Gisondo proved without question that the romantic actor was willing to take a huge risk to write a beautiful straight love story. At the time he was working on the set of the movie. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and the young actor didn’t have time to ask his girlfriend Hillary Levine out to prom. Then he came up with the romantic idea to ask her out via a 3-minute video “proposal” that he posted on his social media on May 6, 2014. She said yes.

Most incredibly, to make the video, he brainstormed and co-starred alongside Hollywood veterans Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, and Crystal the Monkey from the film.

Since then, however, as Skyler’s busy schedule has forced him to focus almost exclusively on work, it is unclear if the actor is currently dating anyone. He has been seen and photographed many times with many of his female contemporaries within the industry. However, there is nothing concrete to show that he is in a relationship with either of them. 

All this shows that the actor is definitely not gay as there is a dating rumour that Skyler Gisondo has been in a relationship with Ari Haagen since July 2018.

7. Skyler Gisondo’s height:

The Florida native can’t seem to finish growing as he was a young actor when he started but at the age of 25, he has finally stopped growing and stands at a fairly respectable 5-foot-7-inch height. This translates to 1.71 m.

8. Personal life:

Skyler, who is partly Italian and Jewish, thanks to his four grandparents, began his professional acting career very early, at the age of six. For most of his pre-secondary education, he had to be homeschooled as part of the strategy to cope with his increasingly busy schedule. 

In terms of his future education, the actor was able to graduate from Milken Community High School and subsequently the University of Southern California film school.

In 2007, Skyler and his family moved to California, largely with the goal of focusing on his acting career. After the move, he began to spend more time on the big screen with movies like All Hallows’ Eve (2007); I’m In Hell (2007); For the Love of God (2008); and Four Christmases (2008). During this time and ending in 2010, the Florida native also continued to appear on television shows, including Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008); CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2007); and CSI: NY (2009). 

Between the years 2007 to 2009, the Florida native was Bryan Pearson in 31 episodes of The Bill Engvall Show. In the 2010s, Skyler Gisondo began landing bigger roles. He appeared in 11 episodes of Psychoanalyze from 2010 to 2012 as the younger version of a character known as Shawn. He also portrayed Young Moe in the 2012 remake of the comedy classic, The Three Stooges. In the same year, he had a minor role as the brother of Emma Stone’s character in the movie The Amazing Spider Man, a role he reprised two years later in the sequel.

Some of his relatively recent works include Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, a series he joined in 2017 playing Eric Bemis.


Who Is Celina Powell? Why Is She Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison?




Celina Powell

The young woman you see in the picture above belongs to a social media influencer and an Instagram model. She is popular for her erratic and scandalous nature which most high-profile celebrities get trapped into. This naughty celebrity is from the hip-hop scene, where she has been embroiled in several controversies involving rappers such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Fetty Wap. Read below to find out more about her and why she is sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

About Celina Powell

Born in Denver, Colorado in the US, Celina’s full name is Celina Rae Powell. She was born on 13th June 1995 and is more popularly known as Black Widow. Her zodiac sign is Gemini which makes her intelligent, overly anxious and inconsistent at times. Since Celina Powell was raised by her aunt, she is much closer to her aunt than her parents, who separated when Celina was a child.

Celina Powell has three siblings; a brother and two sisters. She studied at Wheat Ridge High School, Colorado. Although Celina is an American by birth, she has Puerto Rican ethnicity. Her eyes are brown, her hair thick and she stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Powell looks remarkable due to her thick lips and multiple body tattoos.

Celina Powell’s infamous scandals of all time

Celina is an influencer more popular for making claims about her numerous affairs with high-profile celebrities. She likes to extort money from them by accusing them of getting her pregnant or for unprotected sex-like reasons. One of her allegations against Offset made headlines in 2017 when she accused Offset of impregnating her and paying $50,000 for an abortion. Offset wife Cardi B stepped in and posted screenshots that revealed that Powell was lying about pregnancy.

Celina Powell tried to flirt with Drake as well. She sent him nudes while the rapper responded, “Def never gave u my number,” Drake appears to have written. “I know who u are. I want nooooo parts.” Powell kept on messaging and said, “just wanted you to open my DMs.”

Celina Powell cyberbullied Aaron Carter in 2018

In 2018, Celina exposed that she had an affair with former teen idol Aaron Carter. From the texts that have now been deleted from Aaron’s Twitter account, Celina was warned to bug off.  As part of this messy situation, Celina posted screenshots of her messages on her Twitter account in a similar way to what she did when she was connected to Snoop Dogg. The screenshots that have been erased that revealed how Celina pleaded with Carter and how she “wanted to be with him.”

After the text got leaked, Celina inquired if Aaron broke up with his girlfriend which he ignored at first. Before Powell could reveal more, Carter gave her his phone number in exchange. Aaron claimed that they have consummated their relationship only once in person. The rest was only cyberbullying. He said, “She kept DMing me, eventually I let her come over to my house.”

Why is Celina Powell sentenced to 2 years imprisonment?

Celina Powell is also called a Hip-hop groupie due to allegations made by her every now and then. Colorado Department of Corrections website stated that Celina was sentenced to 2 years custody in the Colorado State Prison for a probation violation that took place in her 2015 theft ring conviction. She allegedly drove the getaway car.

On 1st May 2021, she was arrested and convicted of violating probation. This means, she was tacked with a two years sentence in the Colorado State Prison and will be eligible for parole in December. Powell was arrested in Miami, Florida in March 2021 after Miami Police pulled her over for making an illegal right turn. She was taken into custody at once when the officers found that she was driving a car with a suspended license.

Local police stated that Powell failed to comply with traffic rules and the terms of her probation by missing many alcohol and drug cases among other violations. She was consequently arrested on 1st May after she skipped the court date and sentenced on 12th May in Broomfield County. According to the reports, Powell’s next hearing date is in December while her first parole eligibility is March 24, 2023. At present, she will be at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

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Where Is Erik Per Sullivan Aka Dewey of Malcolm in the Middle?




Erik Per Sullivan

More popularly known as Dewey of Malcolm in the Middle, Erik Per Sullivan is a grown-up adult now but still has a huge fan following. He was a child artist when he got fame besides working for charity events and playing musical instruments. Although Erik has disappeared from the film industry, sources estimate his net worth around $5 million. Erik started his career at the tender age of five and was consistent with his acting skills until he was in high school. When he took a long break from acting after his show Malcolm in the Middle, Erik completed his black belt training in Taekwondo. Most of his fans wonder, where is Erik Per Sullivan, particularly when he is not seen on Instagram for days as they want him to start acting once again just like he did fifteen years back.

About Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan was born in Massachusetts’s Worcester on 21st July 1991. His father, Fred Sullivan had an Irish history while his mother Ann Sullivan was Swedish. Erik completed his schooling at Mount Saint Charles Academy and Philips Exeter Academy. He learnt acting from KD college and completed graduation from the University of California. Erik was a bright student and could speak Swedish and English fluently. He had also learned how to speak French later. He has no siblings and loves travelling to his mother’s native land i.e., Sweden. In addition to having a black belt in taekwondo, Erik is also a saxophonist, pianist, and plays other instruments. When we saw Erik Per Sullivan for the first time on Tv, he was just seven years old.

Erik Per Sullivan received many awards and got nominated for various roles as a child artist. His most prominent role was Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle. He was just 9 when he got Young Star Award and later received Fright Meter Award in 2001. Erik likes to keep his love life private, but he did once have a controversial relationship with an American actress, model, and singer named Daveigh Chase. Chase had always been in some of the other controversies. Once, she was caught in a stolen car in 2017 and has a net worth of not more than $500k. Erik had also helped his co-star Jane Kaczmarek to complete a book named Together which was written for a charity cause organized by Heifer International.

About Erik Per Sullivan’s role in Malcolm in the Middle

Every kid of the early 2000s will know Dewey of Malcolm in the Middle since it was one of the most popular television shows featured during that time. The show was a comedy family drama and starred Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, and Erik Per Sullivan. It centred around a dysfunctional family that had genius children. Erik played the role of youngest brother Dewey who is just after Malcolm. However, by the end of the final season, he was joined by his fifth sibling and one younger than him.

Although Erik appeared in a sci-fi movie Armageddon for a brief role, Malcolm in the Middle along with the ‘The Cider House rules’ were two which made him immensely popular. When he joined the film industry, Erik was just seven and when the show ended, he was 14 and completing his middle-high school. Apart from it, he had given a voiceover to Finding Nemo and Arthur of the Invisibles. The last movie where we saw him acting was Twelve where Erik played the role of Timmy.

Where is Erik Per Sullivan now?

Since Erik Per Sullivan did tremendous acting, all his fans wonder why he left acting and disappeared abruptly. As a child, he must have been interested in Hollywood as he did many sitcoms in the 2000s. But was the limelight too much for him? Frankie Muniz tweeted in 2009 that he had a conversation with Erik again and that they had spoken to each other after many years, he said that Erik was attending USC. Many fans claimed and discussed Dewey on Reddit mentioning, “Dewey is one of my favourite characters on the show. And on the last three seasons, in my opinion, he showed to be smarter than Malcolm, and even more mature that Malcolm and Reese sometimes. But they would always ignore him, or diminished everything he did.”

Erik’s co-star, Jane Kaczmarek who played Lois in Malcolm in the Middle stated about Bryan Cranston after he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. She claimed that Erik and Bryan were close to each other and Bryan did justice to Erik’s acting potential. She said, “Some of my fondest memories are of Bryan taking care of those boys, the kids who played our naughty children.” It is evident from the comments made by the actors on the show that Erik was a part of their family and loved by everyone. But now, he is seen participating in other activities than acting from his social media accounts. While some claims that he stopped acting after his break-up with Daveigh Chase, others claim that Erik wants to live a simple life far away from the limelight.

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Interesting facts about Michael Rady all his fans must know about




Michael Rady

Michael Rady is one American actor who has acted in various movies, television shows and series. As an actor, Michael Rady began his acting career in television shows like Greek, Sleeper Cells, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Jane the Virgin, Lucifer, and Emily Owens M.D. In addition, he has appeared in popular movies such as J. Edgar, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, The Guardian and Committed. Since he was seen in many of Hallmark Channel’s movies in the last few years, he is also known as Hallmark Star. If you are a fan of Michael Rady and want to learn more about him, keep reading.

Michael Rady’s debut movie was a great hit

As per showbiz blog In Hollywood, succeeding without failing is very rare, particularly if a person tries to become an actor. Even though they try to put great efforts to make their acting a significant one, many do not achieve their goal in their first shot. However, Michael Rady’s role as Kostas Dounas was an instant hit in his debut movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants where he worked with his other co-stars Alexis Bledel ad Blake Lively. This was the first when Rady was introduced to the world of acting after which, he appeared in many tv shows and movies actively.

Michael Rady is also known as Hallmark Star by his fans

With his first hit Travelling Pants being a huge success, Michael Rady got many movies and television shows from some very prominent production houses. Hallmark is one production house and a channel that is known for showcasing fun, cheesy and addictive movies throughout the year. Michael Rady is the actor who is extremely loved by the channel as he has been starred in more than 9 movies for the network that aired on the Hallmark Channel.

Michael Rady’s Net Worth

As of 2022, sources estimate Michael Rady’s net worth to be around $8 million. This includes his assets, income and other possessions he earned due to his acting career. For the past two decades, he had been working hard and still going great with a strong career ahead.

Michael Rady is a happily married man

Although people are still unsure when did Michael Rady got married, from his social media posts and public appearances, he seems to have a happily married life. His wife’s name is Rachael Kemery and was also born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The couple spent most of their time in New York and California with their kids. Rachael is 34 years old and best known as an actress who had worked for Melrose Place, Secret Santa, In Search of and Random Encounters. She is quite active on Instagram and has many followers like Michael Rady.

Michael Rady is a proud father

Michael Rady is not just a great actor and a good husband but also a proud father of three lovely kids. The first time Rachael and Michael became parents was in 2012 when Ellington was born. In 2014, their second kid August was born and their third child Olive was welcomed in 2016 later.

Michael Rady was a music teacher for many years

Michael loved music when he was in college. He used to direct musical shows and even taught them. In one of the interviews, Rady said,” I just grew up always watching musicals. Movie musicals like West Side Story and Hans Christian Anderson and Camelot and Fiddler on the Roof. I would perform those all over the house, and my parents quickly noticed that I was quite outgoing in that regard and would possibly or likely be interested in the performing arts.” He said that he was always inclined towards music, singing and performing before he joined theatre.

Michael Rady is a vegan

Michael Rady’s appearance or ethnicity is Caucasian with brown eyes and dark hair. The actor has a good body with delicate features, appropriate body height and weight. It can be said that Michael takes good care of his personal health and choice regarding diet and workouts. One such decision which he made for his well-being is becoming vegan which he follows very well to date.

Michael Rady learnt theatre before entering Hollywood

Rady was committed to making a viable career as an actor, so he studied acting as often as he could. Rady enrolled in Temple University in his hometown of Philadelphia after graduating from high school. He enlisted in the theatre program and illustrated that he worked hard and made the best decisions possible during his time there.

Michael Rady loves to live a private life

We appreciate Michael Rady and his lovely family for sharing their free time with their admirers. He shares pictures of his fun with his wife and kids on his Instagram page. He’s also not afraid to draw a line between his personal life and that of his fans. He only shares little bits with his fans, not all tiny moments, detail, or private thought.

Michael Rady is active on social media

Since Rady belongs to the entertainment industry, he has to be active on social media to communicate with his fans and promote his new work. This is the reason we can see Michael active on his Twitter account where he has more than 15.5k followers. On their Instagram page, he has more than 20k followers who follow Michael to know about his new posts related to his personal life, movies or other events.

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