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What is Turndown Service in Hotels: All You Need to Know



What is Turndown Service in Hotels

Turndown service is a key aspect of the luxurious experience that high end hotels offer their guests. A turndown service is the second arrangement made by room waiters and chambermaids inside the guests. room. The turndown service is usually carried out during the evening. The staff usually makes special arrangements to the accommodation, making the room better for the guest to stay overnight. The specifications of the turndown service vary from hotel to hotel. It can range from a change of beddings to re-arranging decorations. Some hotels also give chocolates, desserts and other treats to their guests during this process. Let’s find out more about this luxurious service.

Turndown Service is Hotels: What’s Covered Under It?

Turndown service of a hotel: What does the service include?

The bed sheets are made and arranged, the bathrooms are cleaned and all hygiene items are replaced, such as shampoos, shaving creams, bath gel, and the like. On the other hand, a change of towels is made, replacing the used ones with clean and fresh ones. In the case of having a mini bar in the hotel room, the staff is in charge of restocking it again with drinks. Some hotels offer free bottles of water, usually accompanied by a few glasses, which are placed in an organized and aesthetic way somewhere in the room.

What is the “turn down” and how should it be done?

The “turn down”, also called “cover” service, or uncovered, is the second entry into the room by the team of waitresses in the late afternoon.

The purpose of this service is to arrange the “room” so that the client, once he returns to his room for the night, finds it ready with very pleasant details that will help him have a good night.

Good coverage consists of gently opening the bed and removing the bedspread. If the headboard of this bed is made of non-synthetic material, noble or delicate wood, it should be covered with a linen cloth that is usually embroidered with the hotel’s emblem.

The hotel staff should place another cloth, like a carpet, on each side of the bed and place the slippers on top.

As it cannot be otherwise, the hotel staff should proceed to close the windows and blinds and draw the curtains to achieve darkness.

What other things are a part of the turndown service in a hotel?

The “turn down” also consists in the replacement of the “toiletries” that have been used up during the day, especially the “shower gel” and the shampoo. Used towels that the customer has abandoned must be replaced. A bottle of mineral water with a glass will be placed on each bedside table, never just a glass alone. The water must be drunk in a crystal glass, if possible, very fine crystal.

This is not the time to proceed to clean the room again. It is good manners for the guest to keep the room tidy at all times so that the waitress can cover comfortably and does not have to jump over obstacles of shoes, bags or belongings scattered on the floor of the room. Cupboards and drawers are for something.

If during the day they have provided guests with a tray of seasonal fruits, if such fruit has been served to us peeled and cut -as it should be served-, it will be removed or replaced. The fruit is perishable and oxidizes.

Finally, the detail of offering some chocolate is appreciated; some hotels choose to finely deposit rose petals on the bed. Some people might not like this practice because it doesn’t suit their taste while there are also those who are allergic to flowers. Another detail that is appreciated is to leave on the night table or on the bed a small card with the weather forecast for the next day or with any relevant news – logically related to the hotel – that the management considers convenient to make known to the client. Underneath this card, it is in good taste to leave the cardboard containing the breakfast request in the room so that it can be filled out and hung on the handrail of the door.

How can customers request a turndown service?

To get the turndown service in a hotel, customers are recommended to place the “entry” label, or the one provided at all times, hanging from the doorknob so that said service can be carried out.

What does a turndown service say about the quality of a hotel?

The room turndown service is an excellent measure to confirm that we are dealing with a luxury hotel with very good service. A hotel that does not have it, cannot be considered excellent by many stars that it has. A hotel that has such a service and does it wrong; must improve it quickly or eliminate it radically. What is regular, is either improved or not done. The danger and the disaster of this service lie when the clients -once arrived at their room- must call by phone to request it since they have found their room the same as before going out to dinner. No great hotel can afford such a failure.

Who can enjoy a hotel’s turndown service?

The turn down of a hotel is a service that is generally available in luxury accommodations, where it can be requested by the guest, or offered free of charge with the room contracted. It is a symbol of quality and excellence.

Many lodging and tourism experts assure that five-star hotels have to provide this coverage to be considered prestigious places; however, you can currently find three or four star hotels that offer this service as well. Just speak to a hotel representative at the time of booking to confirm if that hotel offers turn down services or not.

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10 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level




Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

Content is everything in online marketing. When establishing your business, content marketing is crucial. How will people discover your website and, by extension, your content? A solid content strategy that enables people to locate you and realize that you have something worthwhile to sell is a necessary component of conversion. 

However, is your marketing strategy as successful as it possibly can be? As per DailyHawker, Here are ten techniques to improve your website if you are having some trouble taking it to the next level.

Types of content writing

1. Copywriting

Although it precedes internet material, copywriting is still important in the modern world. Copywriting creates a clear story about companies or goods and gives information about products or services in a style that is appealing to potential buyers. 

2. SEO writing

Writing for search engines, or SEO is among the most popular forms of content creation. SEO content writers are in charge of writing text that incorporates particular keywords to cause web pages to rank as highly as possible in search engine results pages, which is an essential component of several digital marketing strategies.

3. Ghostwriting

Writing without attribution is referred to as “ghostwriting.” A ghostwriter creates articles for digital marketing & content production that are frequently ascribed to some other person or business. This either saves time or makes up for a skills shortfall in the normal employees of a corporation or a company owner. 

4. Technical writing

In-depth written descriptions & instructions on technical subjects are referred to as technical writing. Software, robots, finance, and engineering are a few examples of technical material.

5. Long-form content

White papers, eBooks, research papers, and evergreen content are all examples of long-form content, a broad category for the material. Articles on topics timeless in the ever-changing internet content landscape and unrelated to fleeting fads or trends are known as evergreen content. 

6. E-mail marketing

It is a form of the content strategy used to reach particular target groups. The goal of email marketing is to produce individualized, amiable material with some urgency. 

7. Scripting for online content

Writing the screenplay for videos and other forms of digital advertising material is known as content scriptwriting, even though most people associate scriptwriting with the theatre and the cinema.

10 Best Content Writing Tips

1. Mix and match Your Content 

Although emails with certain headlines may have greater open rates and videos usually have more interactions, different things elicit different responses from different people. Mix up your material to ensure that as many individuals as possible hear a message pertinent to them. Discounts, emotive messages, and films that encourage action are all effective ways to get consumers to take action. All of the marketing communications should reflect this. To reach the most people and have the most influence, vary your methods as much as you can.

2. Start with a benefit 

The way material is created for digital platforms vs conventional ones has undergone a significant shift. In a conventional TV ad, the narrative begins slowly, escalates to a reveal or climax, and concludes with the brand. People won’t hang around in the digital world. In digital material, the benefit/headline comes first. Consider how cooking films begin rather than with the instructions: with a delectable meal as the final product.

3. Test & Test

Many marketers still don’t incorporate testing into their plans or do it carelessly. Consider some things you want to try when you review your content strategy for the year on any channel. A smart testing strategy extends beyond factors like button colors and headline language, which are more idea improvements.

4. Take Inspiration from Influencers 

We frequently turn to other companies for content marketing strategy and inspiration, yet most companies find it difficult to produce material that stands out in the crowd. Instead, get ideas from influential people. They are defined by their content and are aware of what appeals to their audience. Food bloggers, never food manufacturers, were the ones who revolutionized food videos on Facebook. You may get fresh inspiration from this about how to approach the material. Look at influencers’ Look at influencers.

5. Doing fewer things better 

Although we are accustomed to material calendars and timetables, we know that in a future where AI algorithms are in control, the content that performs the best in both organic and paid advertising will receive more views. Correct SEO Forecasting. Convert your ranking objectives into more organic non-brand traffic. It has all the essential factors required to obtain trustworthy results. Rethink your strategy for creating content, and try to focus on doing fewer things much better.

6. Have a good time 

Emojis may raise email open rates, these are full of entertaining formats like Boomerangs & slow motion, and stickers are trying to make their way onto LinkedIn videos when we examine material that performs well. All of this indicates that viewers choose entertaining and interesting material. Find methods to inject some humor into your material, whether your company is serious or millennial-focused, to grab readers’ attention.

7. Look for a True Consumer Insight 

Real consumer/customer insights serve as the inspiration for the greatest marketing material. For instance, the Snickers Hangry commercial touched individuals since it addressed more than just snacking on Snickers. When they questioned why snacking is vital, they learned that when they don’t eat, individuals become irrationally furious jerks or hangry. Investigating further to see why those elements matter and how they affect individuals can improve your outcomes and attract readers to your material.

8. Expand the Audience of Your Content on New Channels 

Look for chances to repurpose existing content on other channels when you consider the material you are producing beyond marketing content. For instance, my business frequently shares the slides we use for digital marketing training on SlideShare. The time it takes to add a PowerPoint is merely 5 to 10 minutes. A SlideShare can rank on search engines and receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors over time.

9. Create Content Based on Useful Connections 

The lack of a relevant link is one of the factors that contributes to a lot of information falling flat. For instance, Happy Holidays with Business X or Come Buy your New Car It’s Football Season. These postings have a relationship to the brand, but that connection is problematic.

10. Gain Inspiration 

It might be hard to come up with new thoughts or ideas at times, and most companies and content producers develop a habit of publishing identical material. Look for ideas from various places, such as Pinterest, Google, Search History, or websites and apps like Answering The Public & BuzzSumo. These tools can help give your content strategy fresh life by revealing the kind of material that people are looking for and sharing.

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The History Behind National Graham Crackers Day and Facts




Graham Cracker is one of the most popular snacks usually flavored with cinnamon or honey. Besides eating it raw, the Crackers are used as a snack, an ingredient for making pie crusts, cheesecake layers and so on. The first Graham Cracker was made in 1829 by Sylvester Graham in Bound Brook, New Jersey. They were not supposed to be delicious or sweet at that time but the modern-day Crackers use different flavors and sweetness to make them delicious. On the 5th of July, the world celebrates National Graham Crackers Day to honor the original taste of the Graham Cracker. On this day, you will find trending hashtags on Twitter such as #NationalGrahamCrackerDay or #GrahamCrackerDay

The history behind National Graham Cracker Day

As a way to prevent people from lust and gluttony, the Graham Crackers first became popular during the Reverend Sylvester Graham era. The crackers, which were first made in the 19th century were eaten on a small scale until the Unites States took over. They started producing Graham Crackers on large-scale and commercial levels. At that time, people loved the legitimacy of the crackers along with their true authentic taste.

Around the 1880s, Graham Crackers saw a great development and rise in popularity all around the globe. About thirty years later, a U.S.-based popular brand known as Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company took the commercial production to the next level. The company started exporting the crackers to nearby countries. Although we can easily buy ourselves a pack of Graham Crackers from the local market, it was the National Biscuit Company that took matters into their own hands and produced the same under the name Honey Grahams.

Interesting facts about National Graham Cracker Day

  • Graham Crackers were made to eliminate alcohol intake and lustful desires in men so that they could be free of sinful crimes.
  • In the 20th century, Graham Crackers became so popular that an entire group called Grahamites started promoting Graham Crackers’ consumption.
  • Graham Cracker which was once used for medicinal purposes is now used for sweet and savory recipes. Once, a popular actor and a comedian, Mitch Hedberg quoted, “That would be cool if the earth’s crust was made out of graham cracker. It would disappear just like the ozone layer, but for completely different reasons”.

Some of the popular food days like National Graham Crackers Day

National Nutella Day on the 5th of February

First celebrated in 2007, National Nutella Day was declared due to an idea that came from Sara Rosso, an American blogger who lived in Italy. Nutella is one of the popular ingredients like Graham Crackers used in desserts and sweets. It was first produced by the Ferraro family in the mid-1960s, but its roots can be traced back to the 1800s. As a result of the shortage of cocoa, Nutella became an instant hit. It was used as a substitute for chocolate that needed to be added to hazelnuts to stretch the chocolate.

World Milk Day on the 1st of June

Milk Day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2001 to recognize the significance of milk and dairy product and how it supports the livelihood of millions of people around the globe.

World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July

World Chocolate Day was first celebrated in 2009 to celebrate its first entrance into Europe in 1550. On this day, candy stores and local sellers display their chocolate collections and sell them.

International Beer Day on the 5th of August

Starting in the United States Santa Cruz, Beer Day is celebrated internationally to commemorate the craft of brewing. It is celebrated to show appreciation for the people involved in the making of beer. The popularity of this day grew globally and what started in California’s Santa Cruz, is now celebrated in over 207 cities in 50 countries and on 6 continents worldwide.

World Pasta Day on 25th October

The World Pasta Congress established World Pasta Day on October 25, 1995. Experts from all around the globe travelled and gathered together to discuss the glories of noodles and how they can promote eating pasta by spreading its culinary and cultural importance.

World Egg Day on the second Friday of October

World Egg Day was first established in Vienna in 1996 when it was decided that the power of eggs must be celebrated each year on the second Friday of October each year. Since its establishment, egg lovers around the world honors egg and celebrate this day in creative ways. With time, this day has also evolved just like National Graham Crackers Day.

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Why was Dachshund Bobblehead featured in Google Doodle?




Google posted an interactive Doodle on 30th September 2020 to honour its love for the dachshund bobblehead. The doodle shows an iconic nodder enjoying a car ride while travelling through the German countryside. Google revealed that the first dachshund bobblehead was manufactured in 1970 in Germany in the form of a car accessory. A bobblehead is a toy in which the figures have a large head than their body. The head is attached to the body with a help of a spring. Every time a bobblehead is touched or tapped, it wobbles around.

The toy’s popularity grew around the 1990s when a German gas station chain used bobbleheads for an advertisement campaign. After the launch, more than five lakhs bobbleheads were sold within a year. If you search dachshund bobblehead on Google Doodle’s official site, you will find a bobblehead with a happy face sitting on a car dashboard.

Netizens’ reactions towards dachshund Bobblehead Doodle

Once the dachshund bobblehead was displayed on the official site of Google, it became viral news instantly all over the social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Netizens shared the GIF of the Doodle on their Twitter handles and tweeted about it. Twitter users said that they fear petting dachshunds the entire day in the Bobblehead doodle. Many said that they have shared the doodle and asked followers to tap on the dachshund and send yellow hearts to show that the dog gives away yellow hearts. Although the person who created this doodle does not own a dachshund, he gave the dachshund breed a life with his Google Doodle that attracted millions of netizens.

Hunting Dachshund History

The dachshund was originally identified in Germany in the 15th century and was thought to be a fine hunting dog. Whenever you stare into a dachshund’s eyes, all you see is an adorable pet dog with no hunting ability. However, a close examination of their ears reveals a wide floppy ear that resembles a hunting pooch, the bloodhound.

For a range of factors, the Dachshund is said to be a descendant of the bloodhound. The Germans are thought to have created the dachshund by breeding dwarf bloodhound variants. Over time, the procedure allowed Germans to create a breed with bloodhound-like reflexes but shorter legs. With their smelling abilities, they benefited Germans in detecting huge animals, while their short legs aided them in following small creatures into holes.

About Dachshund Bobblehead

During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, ceramic nodders or bobbleheads were made in Germany. The 20th century saw more commercialised bobbleheads where dolls were made out of plastic and paper-mesh and then switched to a durable ceramic. 

Dachshund bobbleheads were an iconic figure in Germany during the 1970s when the first of their kind was made. Since many car owners urged to make new accessories for their cars, dachshund bobbleheads were produced in mass and slowly became an iconic car commodity.

However, this toy saw many ups and downs, especially in the United States. The craze for dachshund bobbleheads faded with the introduction of other fancy car accessories. But in 1990, it gained back its prominence just after a German store used a dachshund bobblehead for an advertisement campaign.

Dachshund Bobblehead in sports

In the 1960s, MLB (Major League Baseball) sold paper-made bobblehead dolls, one for each club with the same cherub face of selected players. The first player-specific bobbleheads were released before the dachshund bobblehead became popular due to using renowned sportsmen appeal. Waldi, a mascot who was born on the 15th of December 1969 at the Munich Games Organizing Committee Christmas Party, has a fascinating backstory. Some of the guests were given paper, modelling clay, and crayons to create their mascot design for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The mascot looks like a dachshund which made this dog breed more popular during that time. Many sports clubs started using bobbleheads in the form of mascots henceforth and the world of bobbleheads took a step forward in the sports realm.

National Dachshund Museum

If you are still unsure about the popularity behind this peculiar toy, visit a small residence in Germany that homes the Dachshund Museum in Passau Bavaria. The museum has been designed by Seppi Küblbeck and Oliver Storz and it contains more than 4,500 exhibits dedicated to the cute dachshund. They exhibit everything that honours dachshund history, from hunters to appreciation made by a famous artist Pablo Picasso.

The project which took 25 years to complete, this museum opened its doors to the public in 2018. While being a museum dedicated to just one dog breed, it has a wide variety of figurines made of them. But, what figurines? Bobbleheads! The ones which you find wobbling around in your car’s dashboard.

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