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What is Turndown Service in Hotels: All You Need to Know



What is Turndown Service in Hotels

Turndown service is a key aspect of the luxurious experience that high end hotels offer their guests. A turndown service is the second arrangement made by room waiters and chambermaids inside the guests. room. The turndown service is usually carried out during the evening. The staff usually makes special arrangements to the accommodation, making the room better for the guest to stay overnight. The specifications of the turndown service vary from hotel to hotel. It can range from a change of beddings to re-arranging decorations. Some hotels also give chocolates, desserts and other treats to their guests during this process. Let’s find out more about this luxurious service.

Turndown Service is Hotels: What’s Covered Under It?

Turndown service of a hotel: What does the service include?

The bed sheets are made and arranged, the bathrooms are cleaned and all hygiene items are replaced, such as shampoos, shaving creams, bath gel, and the like. On the other hand, a change of towels is made, replacing the used ones with clean and fresh ones. In the case of having a mini bar in the hotel room, the staff is in charge of restocking it again with drinks. Some hotels offer free bottles of water, usually accompanied by a few glasses, which are placed in an organized and aesthetic way somewhere in the room.

What is the “turn down” and how should it be done?

The “turn down”, also called “cover” service, or uncovered, is the second entry into the room by the team of waitresses in the late afternoon.

The purpose of this service is to arrange the “room” so that the client, once he returns to his room for the night, finds it ready with very pleasant details that will help him have a good night.

Good coverage consists of gently opening the bed and removing the bedspread. If the headboard of this bed is made of non-synthetic material, noble or delicate wood, it should be covered with a linen cloth that is usually embroidered with the hotel’s emblem.

The hotel staff should place another cloth, like a carpet, on each side of the bed and place the slippers on top.

As it cannot be otherwise, the hotel staff should proceed to close the windows and blinds and draw the curtains to achieve darkness.

What other things are a part of the turndown service in a hotel?

The “turn down” also consists in the replacement of the “toiletries” that have been used up during the day, especially the “shower gel” and the shampoo. Used towels that the customer has abandoned must be replaced. A bottle of mineral water with a glass will be placed on each bedside table, never just a glass alone. The water must be drunk in a crystal glass, if possible, very fine crystal.

This is not the time to proceed to clean the room again. It is good manners for the guest to keep the room tidy at all times so that the waitress can cover comfortably and does not have to jump over obstacles of shoes, bags or belongings scattered on the floor of the room. Cupboards and drawers are for something.

If during the day they have provided guests with a tray of seasonal fruits, if such fruit has been served to us peeled and cut -as it should be served-, it will be removed or replaced. The fruit is perishable and oxidizes.

Finally, the detail of offering some chocolate is appreciated; some hotels choose to finely deposit rose petals on the bed. Some people might not like this practice because it doesn’t suit their taste while there are also those who are allergic to flowers. Another detail that is appreciated is to leave on the night table or on the bed a small card with the weather forecast for the next day or with any relevant news – logically related to the hotel – that the management considers convenient to make known to the client. Underneath this card, it is in good taste to leave the cardboard containing the breakfast request in the room so that it can be filled out and hung on the handrail of the door.

How can customers request a turndown service?

To get the turndown service in a hotel, customers are recommended to place the “entry” label, or the one provided at all times, hanging from the doorknob so that said service can be carried out.

What does a turndown service say about the quality of a hotel?

The room turndown service is an excellent measure to confirm that we are dealing with a luxury hotel with very good service. A hotel that does not have it, cannot be considered excellent by many stars that it has. A hotel that has such a service and does it wrong; must improve it quickly or eliminate it radically. What is regular, is either improved or not done. The danger and the disaster of this service lie when the clients -once arrived at their room- must call by phone to request it since they have found their room the same as before going out to dinner. No great hotel can afford such a failure.

Who can enjoy a hotel’s turndown service?

The turn down of a hotel is a service that is generally available in luxury accommodations, where it can be requested by the guest, or offered free of charge with the room contracted. It is a symbol of quality and excellence.

Many lodging and tourism experts assure that five-star hotels have to provide this coverage to be considered prestigious places; however, you can currently find three or four star hotels that offer this service as well. Just speak to a hotel representative at the time of booking to confirm if that hotel offers turn down services or not.

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Kim Marie Kessler: 8 Rare Facts About Randy Orton’s Wife




Kim Marie Kessler

She gained recognition after marrying Randy Orton, a popular World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler. From the beginning, Kim Marie Kessler never tried to hide her relationship with Randy Orton from the media. In fact the couple (despite being married to others) often appeared at public events together. The development of their romance and subsequent marriage led to some controversies and name calling. Even when it came to stalking, Kim Marie Kessler kept providing regular updates about her personal life. But most people don’t know that she was a die-hard fan of the WWE star and always knew she would marry Randy Orton – even showing him her shrine on the walls. 

Kim Marie Kessler: 8 Lesser-Known Facts About Randy Orton’s Wife

1. Early life and education: 

Kim Marie Kessler was born in New York, USA, but has not shared her exact year of birth with the public, but apparently celebrates it on April 1, maybe this is a joke? 

Kim grew up in New York with her parents, but very little is known about them, as Kim prefers not to mention them in public: she has not talked about having siblings and is therefore considered an only child. Kim wanted to become a model when she was young, and this passion followed her throughout her teenage life as well – she practiced posing in her bedroom in front of the mirror, but modeling had never worked for her as she hadn’t been given the opportunity. According to some sources, she was quite popular in high school thanks to her looks and classy demeanor, so after enrolling, Kim decided not to go to college, but to focus on being a socialite. 

2. Kim’s career soon became all about being a socialite and wife:

Kim rose to fame only thanks to her relationship with Randy Orton. People accused Kim of being with Randy only because of his wealth, which would later be proven wrong: making all the headlines helped Kim gain a famous status in society and she got invited to some of the most prestigious events organized in the United States. U.S.

While she doesn’t have a ‘real’ job, Kim works as a socialite, who is a person who advocates and practices socialism; seems to be doing fine thanks to her husband’s career as a WWE wrestler. 

3. How her marriage to Randy Orton began:

She told Renee Young during an interview that “In my brain, way before I met him, he was my boyfriend”. 

The public knows that Kim was a huge fan of Randy Orton before the two met – what her first husband, unknown name, thought about this infatuation is unknown, but it certainly had an effect that ended in the couple’s divorce. She didn’t hide this infatuation with anyone, in fact she showed the star all of his pictures around her house after they met.

They first met in New York during a WWE event held there – it was Randy who made the first move, asking his name, and then admitted that while he goes to fight for millions on TV,  was nervous when he approached Kim. 

Randy divorced his wife Samantha Speno after six years of marriage in 2012, and shortly after that he began dating Kim: he asked her to marry him after three years of dating in July 2015. 

A hidden romantic, Randy, made the night special when proposed to Kim on a trip to Bora Bora. Ever the sweetheart, he even lit the candles on the table, and was served a special dinner.

On November 14, 2015, they exchanged their wedding vows in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the attendance of all their children from previous marriages. Both Kim and Randy have children from their previous marriages: Randy has a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton with Samantha, while Kim has three children from her first marriage.

The two are now parents to their daughter named Brooklyn Rose Orton, born on November 22, 2016. The couple added one more family member. While on vacation in Bora Bora, Kim and Randy found an abandoned furry animal (a sweet dog) whom they adopted and named Spike.

4. Who is Randy Orton?

Randal Keith Orton was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on April 1, 1980, so under the zodiac sign of Aries and with American nationality, he is popular for being a WWE wrestler while also acting a bit. It can be said that Randy has fighting in his blood since both his father and grandfather were also fighters. Randy began wrestling for the Mid-Missouri-Southern Illinois Wrestling Association Conference, and from there he moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling and was the OVW Hardcore Champion twice in a row. He became part of the Evolution group in WWE after that and won his first Intercontinental Championship title with them.

He was given the nickname ‘The Legend Killer’ after becoming the youngest person to become the WWE World Champion – he left his group Evolution and moved to Edge. After his first trade, Randy fought for various teams, including The Legacy and The Authority, eventually managing to win the US Championship in 2018. Randy has won numerous championships over the years, including WWE Championship (nine times), WWE World Heavyweight Championship (four times), and today he ranks # 4 in the number of championships won.

Randy is very active on social media platforms and has accumulated a large fan base on his Instagram account, followed by more than 4.8 million people, while he has uploaded more than 220 images.

5. Kim Marie Kessler’s controversies:

After her relationship with Randy became official, many people on the internet, mostly female Randy fans, turned on Kim and accused her of being with him only for his money.

Aside from being called a gold digger, Kim also garnered controversy for reportedly deleting several of her husband’s fan mail tweets. 

A person known as Kayla Gómez started stalking her on social media, while she was also stalking Randy, even taking a photo of him on the streets when he was not paying attention and then uploading it to the internet. The problem with Kayla has not yet been resolved: both Randy and Kim have blocked her on various social networks, while the authorities cannot do anything about it.

6. Kim’s hobbies:

Kim enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle and often uploads photos from her travels and hobbies to her Instagram account. Kim’s main passion is traveling and thanks to her husband Randy who seems to be doing whatever it takes to make her happy, Kim has already been to Europe and Asia, as well as much of South and North America. She is a great lover of animals, and it was her idea to adopt the abandoned dog that she named Spike.

Kim is also physically very active, having several workouts in the gym each week – she started going to the gym when she enrolled in high school and hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not doing anything, Kim likes to watch movies and TV series with her husband. They are both fans of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, while their favorite TV series are ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Lost’.

7. Kim Marie Kessler’s net worth:

According to authorized sources, her current net worth is estimated at no more than $ 100,000, while her husband Randy’s net worth is estimated at more than $11 million.

8. Kim Marie Kessler’s social media:

Kim is quite active on various popular social networks, as this is very important to her ‘career’ as a socialite.

When she had launched her Twitter account in March 2014, it gathered nearly 80,000 followers and tweeted nearly 1,300 times. Her old Instagram account has been deleted, but she recently launched a new one that is currently followed by almost 1,200 people, while she has uploaded around 60 photos to it: Kim also has a Facebook page and has more than 1,500 fans.

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Are Hypoallergenic Cats for Real? Which Cat Breed Shed Lesser Than Others?




Hypoallergenic Cats

If you seek to adopt a kitty but are allergic to the feline friend, hypoallergenic cats can be the best option for you. Even though there is no hypoallergenic cat for real, there are a few cat breeds that can fit into your lifestyle and prove less allergenic. Moreover, there are some practices you can follow to live comfortably with your adorable pet forever. 

Are hypoallergenic cats for real?

When someone says that my cat is hypoallergenic, it indicates it is less likely to cause allergy symptoms in people who come into proximity with it. Though the phrase is most often connected with things like perfumes and linens, it has also been used to describe particular animal breeds such as cats and dogs.

When it comes to cats, though, combining all kinds together as hypoallergenic cats can be deceptive. This is because most of the cats, regardless of how little or how much fur it has, create allergies. You can’t eliminate all allergens from a cat at all. As a result, there aren’t any hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Cat allergens 

The most prevalent allergy-producing proteins in cats are Fel d 4 which can be detected in their saliva, feces, and urine. Fel d 1 is another allergy-producing protein that can be found in the oil-producing glands beneath their skin. It’s for this reason that even hairless cats can cause allergic responses. Feeling sick, sneezing, watery eyes, and hives are all frequent allergy symptoms caused by these proteins.

Allergens are also produced by cat dander, which is made up of dead skin cells. People frequently believe they are allergic to cat fur, however, the dander and/or biological fluids on the fur are what causes the allergy. Although pet hair is not considered an allergy, it is a transporter for dander and other allergens such as dust and grit. Because a cat’s dead skin flakes off and becomes stuck in its hair, anybody who caresses your cat might be exposed to allergens that induce an allergic response.

Which cat breed shed the least?

Cat breeds that shed less than the other breeds may be an excellent option if you have cat allergies, though they aren’t completely hypoallergenic. Small allergens are present in their electrolytes and dander too which can be transferred to their fur. Because a cat’s body fluids include several allergies, you should exercise caution while interacting with any of these allergy-friendly felines.

5 Best Hypoallergenic cats


Apart from its long coat and long plume tail, the Balinese is much identical to the Siamese cat breed in many ways. Given its long hair, the friendly and lively breed is famous for being such a low-shedder that requires brushing once a week.

Cornish Rex

Many people say that the Cornish Rex’s short, wavy coat doesn’t sweat as much dander as curly-haired or dense-coated cats. Rex cats have only a thin undercoat and no topcoat.


The Javanese is a Siamese-like cat with long hair and a large coat. Because these cats don’t have an undercoat, they don’t shed much and just need to be brushed once a week.

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental cat is an energetic, active, and intellectual cat that sheds moderately and has to be brushed twice a week. Using a moist cloth to remove dead hair and dander can also help to reduce allergies.

Russian blue

The Russian blue is a usually calm cat breed that is beneficial to persons with minor cat allergies. Its thick, gleaming coat sheds very little and just has to be brushed once a week. 

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Bryan Silva: 9 True Things About The Vine Rapper!




Bryan Silva

You may know him as the bodybuilder gay guy on Vine or as Bryan Silva, a popular social media personality who gained popularity for his song ‘Gratata’. This gave him the nickname ‘Gratata Guy’ but he also gave us the wrong impression about his sexual orientation. Therefore in this article, we set the record straight with these 10 true facts about Bryan Silva!

Bryan Silva: 9 Things To Keep Up With The Infamous Social Media Celeb! 

1. Who is Bryan Silva?

Bryan Silva is a bathroom and Vine celebrity who rose to fame after the song Gratata but before that his fame came from the video-sharing platform, Vine. Here, he would upload to the internet a series of six-second videos in which, half-naked, he started rapping from his bathroom. 

His fame was short-lived just as the platform which helped him gain his popularity shut down. But that’s not the only reason he lost his fame.

While his rap provided him with a stage to display his talent, Silva’s girlfriend-turned-wife led the man to get arrested against a domestic violence case when the two of them got into a physical brawl confrontation which he posted LIVE. 

Soon, Bryan Silva who describes himself as the “king of all trades” (who once inspired Vine users to create many parodies and remakes of Silva’s most famous song: Gratata) was faced with many legal battles! 

2. Bodybuilder, a rapper, and yes also a porn star:

During his pornstar days, the Vine star used a different name called Max Payne and worked with Helix Studios and Corbin Fisher filming adult videos.  

3. Why was Bryan Silva arrested?

Silva was arrested and charged for a January incident on Jefferson Park Avenue when his 17-year-old girlfriend found out he was cheating on her. Here are the events that led to the arrest: 

While he was asleep, Bryan Silva’s girlfriend sneaked into his phone and found out he was cheating on her. When Bryan Silva’s girlfriend found out, the livid woman punched him right in the face while he was still asleep.

Following the punch, the vine star punched her back in the head. 

In a few minutes, the then 25-year-old reached into his suitcase and pulled out a firearm.

After the incident, both the Vine star and his girlfriend were charged with disorderly conduct, but Bryan Silva got the bitter end of the stick after holding her hostage in an hours-long standoff with the cops that he was live-streaming on Facebook.

Following the standoff, he was arrested and the most viral photo was of him emerging handcuffed with his pants around his knees after he refused to come out of the house where police were forced to launch chemical irritants into the house, to make him comply! 

4. In April 2021, Bryan Silva plead guilty to two gun charges:

January 2016 marked the downfall of the vine star as Silva entered the guilty plea with his lawyer John March, his mother, and older brother by his side. 

As mentioned above, he was arrested after a standoff in Charlottesville where he went live on social media following a domestic disturbance – holding his girl hostage, who he threatened with a firearm.

As part of the guilty plea agreement, a felony abduction charge was dropped but Silva was released from jail on a $20,000 bond and placed on house arrest at his mother’s where the house arrest conditions consisted of strict rules. 

Most crucially, Silva was not allowed to use social media, which was his claim to fame and income. Another rule was the banishment to go back to the home on Jefferson Park Avenue where the standoff took place.

The 25-year-old served jail time for more than a year for his standoff and was required to wear a GPS tracking device and not allowed to be home alone.

When Bryan Silva came out of jail to reunite with the same girl now turned wife, they got into another domestic violence fight related to a cheating incident and they almost got divorced. 

5. Bryan Silva early life and education:

Bryan Silva came into this world on January 2, 1991, in Florida. The Vine celebrity who had a public Instagram account was born to parents Michael and Robin Silva along with his elder brother named Philip. Silva moved to Charlottesville when he was only 2 years old for family reasons. 

6. Bryan Silva has a history of crimes:

In 2005, Bryan was convicted of assault and burglary; this landed him in jail for a period of 3 years. He was also accused of attacking the principal of his school. Bryan later earned his GED at age 16 while still locked up.

During his life in prison, Bryan devoted himself to bodybuilding and continued to do so even after his release. After being released, he moved to California and was only 19 years old when he began settling in the industry.

7. Bryan Silva career:

This Vine star became famous for his raps, to be precise, bad raps. 

In addition to music, he also has the body and face that add together to collectively make his “viral personality”. 

Bryan, when asked about his genre, thinks his rap is mostly freestyle. He is known for his line ‘Suck it like a slurpy’. Somehow, his posts end up attracting millions of views, even if only Bryan is targeting his enemies; he just stays true to his beliefs, which makes him famous.

Bryan has also managed to earn a lot of haters for his content. At one point, he even appeared on the World Star Hip Hop website to address his enemies and the video managed to get over a million views. Silva affirms that he is a street musician and that he has also done it since he was 8 years old.

Bryan has now achieved celebrity status, for reasons many don’t understand. He has also been in the headlines in recent years after being arrested again in Virginia.

After being constantly charged with criminal offenses, intoxication, yelling and cursing in his videos, in 2021, Silva is pretty much occupied by his own things like bodybuilding. 

His girlfriend turned wife Lissy, on the other hand, made her career selling her photos on her social media, according to her statement on her Instagram profile. That being said, Bryan’s wife also might be running into the wrong side of the law again by defrauding people as one website called PlayerUp,’ listed her as a “fraud” for not sending things she promised to the people from whom she took money.

8. Bryan Silva sexual orientation:

For this star, nothing seems really impossible, especially when he begins to be himself and express his true form. After his Vine and YouTube fame, it was discovered that he used to work in the adult film industry – mainly with other men in his videos. 

So it seems that he is gay. However, he then emphatically expressed his views on Twitter. He said that just because he was working in the gay porn industry, he was not translating his sexuality as gay. To his credit, he got into porn because he felt the need to stand out; and succeeded. 

Today, the man is married to the same girl that caused his arrest: Lissy Barney, also known as Mellisa Diane Barney.

9. Bryan Silva net worth:


Bryan, due to his extreme nature, has been able to build most of his fortune promoting products on social media. His exact net worth is still under review, but it’s sure to keep people wondering about the power of the internet. 

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